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Catalogue excerpts

FOBA Y-Series High potential fiber marking lasers: More clarity, less complexity Laser marking has become one of the preferred methods for product identification, decoration and material processing. Many applications have been developed. Almost any material can be marked. And still, new fields of use arise. Due to ever increasing quality standards, new legal and industrial regulations, or the manufacturer's intent to add value and safety to their products. This constant demand has lead to a proliferation of lasers and solutions that challenge a customer's ability to integrate laser marking technology and put it into use. This is where the Y-Series comes into play. The novel fiber laser markers have been developed to create more clarity and take the complexity out of laser marking. With the new series, FOBA introduces a modular platform consisting of both compact and flexible fiber marking lasers that address most of today's and tomorrow's product marking needs. Your product benefits → High integration capability and flexibility: For customers, who have to integrate marking lasers in production systems, we provide one compact, modular system that fully integrates a wide range of lasers and optics, a patented vision system and standard customer interfaces. → High speed and high quality: For customers, whose speed and quality requirements vary, due to the variety of products they mark or due to changing future needs, we offer an economic one laser scan head solution that can provide the optimal configuration at each time. → High precision: For customers requiring high accuracy marking in order to reduce cost and non-conforming products while improving product appeal and quality, the Y-Series fiber laser markers offer best-in-class mark placement and high quality marking. Ignition distributor with color change mark | Scalpel holder with blade: black marking on stainless steel

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FOBA Y-Series fiber marking lasers New and proven fiber laser marking technology: Offering the broadest range of powerful application solutions Enjoy high integration capability and flexibility: All-in-one fiber laser markers for many uses Be it on metal, plastic or other challenging substrates. Be it for medical, automotive or any other industrial application. We have the right laser solution for your direct part marking application. The Y-Series includes 9 different fiber laser sources, spanning power and pulse width ranges on one modular platform. Integrators have to deliver their solutions...

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FOBA Y-Series fiber marking lasers Benefit from high speed, enjoy high marking quality: One laser for the freedom of not having to decide between both For all who value high accuracy, and the freedom of flexibility Do you want to manufacture at the highest speeds possible without compromising quality? Do you value precisely marked parts and zero defects? Do you have to improve product appeal? High-S scan head tuning Readable codes at higher speeds. The tunable scan head provides the optimal configuration for each use case, and let's you enjoy all the freedom and flexibility to go for quality today...

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FOBA Y-Series fiber marking lasers HELP in three stages: Vision-aided laser marking with pre- and post-mark validation avoids marking errors Take advantage of precision and process reliability: Patented and proven imaging and solid workstations for integration HELP (Holistic Enhanced Laser Process) offers verification prior to marking and validation right after. Particularly important for users with strict quality and code integrity requirements: During the unique post-mark verification process, the content of 1D and 2D codes is directly read. Both characters and marks can be verified immediately. FOBA's...

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FOBA Y-Series Fiber Laser Markers Technical Data Available laser systems (fiber marking lasers) Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0500, Y.0201, Y.0301, Y.0021, Y.0050-cw, Y.0100-cw Laser class Options, accessories → Marking laser with selectable tunings (High-Q tuning, High-S tuning) and pilot laser → IMP camera (integrated in CP10 marking head) → Lighting for camera systems IMP, Point & Shoot → Exhaust systems © 2015 ALLTEC GmbH – All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. Y.0XXX_EN_07.15 LASER KLASSE 4 LASER CLASS 4 Your local agency: ALLTEC GmbH An der Trave 27-31 23923 Selmsdorf...

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