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Engraving Solutions Laser at your service Intelligent data distribution software: Easy to use and set up. DataMaster is an intelligent program for the balanced distribution of data - such as various codes - from source files to up to eight FOBA laser marking systems. The software is perfect for applications where large amounts of highly sensitive data are to be distributed synchronously. DataMaster is especially suited for applications requiring data security and demanding ulti- mate operator ease-of-use. DataMaster is a real graphical user interface program; it helps users to reduce code errors and waste, and increases uptime while quickly marking products and parts with the requested contents. Your product benefits -> Clear and intuitive: The DataMaster display was created with the operator in mind. The cell-based screen layout provides for utmost clarity is easy to follow and intui- tively guides the user with a limited set of icons, sensible text and color codes. -> Cutting-edge screen concept for utmost clarity: The entire UI is always visible, including status of all connected la- sers, campaigns, users, settings and performance. By clicking into a cell, the UI changes by enlarging the active cell and compressing all other cells. Intuitive navigation. -> 1-2-3: Logging and excluding: DataMaster comes with an extensive logging feature that enables tracking of actions related to campaigns (setup, start/stop marking), data im- port and printed codes. The software is capable of intelli- gently distinguishing between general data and "special" winning data, and provides a visual code safety feature. If codes have been used once, their respective data file is grayed out in the display. Thus, they are excluded from being marked a second time. Users can also create special exclusion lists for data being excluded for marking. A: Crown - winning data, B: Data - general data, C: Factory - data code creation via DataFactory enabled, D: Filter- exclusion list

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FOBA Data Master The data distribution software Easy to use and monitor: → Innovative cell-based screen layout: all information is always visible, all partitions can be accessed anytime → DataFactory partition: easy creation of unique codes → Intuitive icons, easy-to-understand instructions Easy to set up: → Automatic recognition of connected laser markers → Easy campaign setup and assignment of laser marking systems to campaigns via ‘Drag & Drop’ → Easy assignment of data to predefined marking jobs and variables via ‘Drag & Drop’ Innovative screen layout: → Cell-based concept A B C D E General...

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