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The thermoplastic material avoids the glaze bunching by enamel adhesion, during the work, cutting the time of system cleaning by reducing time and numbers of routine repairs. Chemical inertia of the resin prevents the belt stucking on the groove as result of the glaze drying. REDUCED WEIGHT The weight is reduced over 60% and guarantees: smaller ship- ping charges and less load on the line. This means a lighter work on all moving parts, (gearmotors), more duration and less energy ater safety for staff assigned to Each pulley is subjected to static and dynamic controls in order to assure a minimal TECHNICAL...

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MORE DURATION Thanks to listed properties, pul- leys in thermoplastic resin, gua- rantee a longer duration, in condition of standard employ- LESS MAINTENANCE Pulleys in thermoplastic resin are not subjected to time usury and to formation of rust. They are not painted because is the resin itself to be coloured, without the necessity AVAILABLE MODELS lowing versions: TECHNICAL FEATURES

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Protections made in polyurethane, coloured black, have the aim to protect the bearing coupled with the shaft. This isolation prevents to pollutants (glaze, ceramic powder, water) and to external working environment "to cement" to- gether shaft and pulley. In this way, it will be possibile to avoid compromising the use of the pulley, helping the maintenance by workmen and increasing together the working life of pulley and shaft. This solution has been stu- died for all of our idler or driving pulleys starting from 0250 untill 0170, also in couple with shaft 030 and 035. TECHNICAL FEATURES

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