Plastic Injection pipes for glazing disk-packs - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

INJECTION PIPE KIT EQUIPMENT: optimizing disc pucks performance ► FM injection pipes optimize the disc pack efficiency. >• They provide a different enamel dosage depending on the model. >• They are universal: i.e. fit for any cabin and disc pack model. ► Pipes are equipped with holes of progressive diameter (larger on the basis and smaller on the superior part) in order to optimize the enamel distribution on the whole tile length. >• They don't need the antidrop stem because the enamel doesn't stop inside the tube thanks to the special plastic material. ► FM is willing to suggest the right combination...

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SCHEDULES ON TECHNICAL FEATURES LONG PIPE SHORT PIPE indicative value LARGE HOLES Data shown are just as indication and should be verified on one's own plant

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ASSEMBLING INSTRUCTIONS ASSEMBLING EXEMPLE WITH SUPPORT 0 25 ASSEMBLING EXEMPLE WITH SUPPORT 0 32 COMPLETE OF SLEEVE, CLIP AND CURVE PIPE BEHIND Copyright © F.M. S.r.l. 2008 - all rights reserved F.M. srl - Via Europa,4 - Correggio (RE) - ITALY - Tel +39.0522.631055 Fax +39.0522.642992 web: e-mail:

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