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Catalogue excerpts

Glazing will not be the same a Evolution spreads enamel through beating (transformed into a fluid vein) and not through spraying (transformed into micro drops): this guarantees an optimal penetration even on rough and not smooth areas and even with ap- plications at very low glaze weights. Evolution, combined with the plastic pipes spe- cially studied, allows a dose of glaze weight ac- cording to each need, obtaining excellent results even with a very low quantity of enamel. SAVING ENERGY AND ENAMEL In order to obtain the equivalent result of other applications, Evolution makes use of less enamel....

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070113001 EVOLUTION DISK PACK D.150 S.T.49 X 1,5 070113002 EVOLUTION DISK PACK D.150 S.T.54 X 1,5 070114001 EVOLUTION DISK PACK D.200 S.T.49 X 1,5 070114002 EVOLUTION DISK PACK D.200 S.T.54 X 1,5 "Use the Evolution line in conjunction with FM plastic injection pipes, specially designed to achieve the maximum result of drafting" Copyright © FM. S.r.1. 2008 ■ all rights reserved F.M. srl - Via Europa,4 - Correggio (RE) - ITALY - Tel +39.0522.631055 Fax +39.0522.642992 web: www.fm.re.it e-mail: fm@fm.re.it

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