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VTZ Series - 4 / 4 Pages

FRC MMU UNITS MAY BE EQUIPPED WITH: NeverEmpty - The NeverEmpty uses FRC's proprietary tanks for continuous op٩ration- the PLC senses material levels and prepares a second set of tanks. Once specified quantity levels are reached, it transitions to the other set of tanks, creating an endless supply of material for dispensing, thereby eliminating any shortages, downtime, or prep time. Agitation - Stirring of the material can be at specific intervals or continuous. Many materials that incorporate a filler require agitation to ensure the fillers don't settle. Heating - If accuracy and repeatability are key, some degree of material temperature stabilization will be needed. Heating material to a specific temperature ensures a consistent shot each time. The FRC MMU can heat the entire system, only the tanks or hoses, or create specific heat zones to a set temperature. Degassing/De-Airing - Degassing removes bubbles, entrapped air and gas in the materials. Desiccant Dryer/Nitrogen Blanket - Remove and guard against moisture. Monitor and simply replace the desiccant dryer when it reaches its limit. Easily swap the dryer, maintaining an uninterrupted drying process. Material Transfer Pumps - Convey material from one location to another with a minimum of mess and effort. Progressing Cavity Transfer Pumps - Exacting accuracy and low-shear factors make progressing cavity pumps ideal for conveying material from one location to the next. Eliminate waste and increase efficiency with one of these sophisticated, high viscosity material pumps. Auto-Fill Remote Material - The MMU can be designed to auto-fill from a remote location, alleviating downtime for material replenishment. Tote/Drum Plumbing Kit- The FRC MMU can be designed to accommodate any form factor regardless of how you receive your material. Proper material conditioning is one of the simplest ways to dispense a consistent, accurate, and repeatable product. Material conditioning can range from degassing/de-airing and heating to material agitation and vacuum feeding. If quality and consistency are key to your application, you need to consider adding our optional Material Management Unit (MMU) to ensure product dispensing is consistent. MMU BENEFITS: ٕ Reduces manufacturing variables  Reduces hazardous spills Օ Reduces employee exposure to harmful fumes and fluids  Reduces potential for injury from spills and lifting heavy material packaging Օ Reduces variables caused by manual process control  Reduces energy consumption from unnecessary continuous processing Stat-a-SealTM Dispense Head All VTZ dispensing systems can be equipped with the Fluid Research Stat-a-Seal dispense head to virtually eliminate material leaking and curing in the head. Featuring no dynamic seals, the Stat-a-Seal includes our patented non-sliding metal bellows to ensure reliable operation and elimination of leakage that may contaminate your material. Features include positive on/off material flow, no-drip shutoff, adjustable snuff back, simultaneous flow of multiple materials, center port catalyst injection, and user-specific high flow and low flow heads. Eliminate wear, leaking and curing, and the costs that go with them. 15775 Gateway Circle, Tustin, CA 92780 Օ www.fluidresearch.com Ph 714.258.2350 Fax 714.258.2352

VTZ Series
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    FLUID RGSGARCH CORPORATION Meter Mix Dispense SERIES VULCAN TRITON ZEPHYR VULCAN I TRITON I ZEPHYR The Fluid Research VTZ Sries is a family of multi-component...
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    VJZ The VTZ ZephyrTM is a dispensing solution designed around an aggressively priced platform. It is ideal for low-volume dispensing with no automation...
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    ZEPHYR STANDARD FEATURES  Analog Controls - Ratio & Rate Adjustment Օ Settable Dispense Time  Continuous Flow Օ Direct...
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