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Dual Pail Ram Dispensing - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

f=LUID RGSSARCH CORPORATION Pail Emptying Systems Highly Viscous Solution Conveyng highly viscous products out of barrels is one of the most difficult tasks; Fluid Research Corporation can design the most accurate and efficient barrel, drum, or pail emptying System for your needs. Fluid Research's complte System for reliable conveying and dosing of high viscosity products from barrels cons郞sts of the components lifting device, eccentric screw pump, and follower plate. The follower plate can be designed in numerous configurations, ensuring a solution to your specific needs. The pump is lifted, the barrel is placed underneath and fixed into place. Our pump and follower plate are lowered via air pressure untit the follower plate actually touches the material to be dispensed. After this process, the barrel can be de-aired via the de-airing valve mounted within the follower plate. The pump with the follower plate lowers with no pressure (the pump actually sucks the follower plate to the bottom of the barrel). In contrast to a barrel-emptying system where the material is pressed through the follower plate into a conveyor pump; our pressureless version ensures no material escapes through the side walls. Fluid Research's pail emptying Systems utlize our proprietary control technology to provide the utmost in accurate dispensing. Speed up, slow down, our pail emptying Systems can do it - normally in a fraction of the time any other pail emptying system can! The pail emptying System features our proprietary pump down follower plate System; which allows the material drums to be emptied with virtually no waste!

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f=LUID RGSGARCH CORPORATION Pail Emptying System 1 Pail Eroptying System Options Pressure servo feedback control Dosing control Heated dispense Unes Heated drum/pail 51 m r, ». H Pail EmptyinR System Features Available in 5 Gallon, 50 Liter, and 55 Gallon Configurations Dual pressure pneumarc raising and lowering of pump and follower plate Intgral anti-drop safety valve Variable speed control Flow rate per sp響cification Low level indication -< l%Material loss - Pressure up to 48 bar Automatic barrel de-airing Pulsation-free Up to several million cps Fluid Research Corporation 15775 Gateway Circle...

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