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Flowrox Pinch Valves

Flowrox Pinch Valves
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    Flowrox Pinch ValvesFlowrox pinch valves are ideal for shut-off or control applications that involve abrasive orcorrosive slurries, powders or granular...
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    Manual Valves The manual valves are equipped with a handwheel actuator. To ensure reliable operation, the operating mechanism of the valve is totally...
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    Automatic Valves Flowrox has several valve options available for automated processes. Our expertise in selection, sizing and engineering provides...
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    PVEG Valves The PVEG is a robust yet compact and light-weight pinch valve engineered with the highest quality standards that Flowrox is known for....
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    The Core of Our ValvesThe core of the Flowrox pinch valve is the elastic sleeve, which is the only part in contact withthe medium. The full bore sleeve...
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