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Catalogue excerpts

Proven Performance Flowrox Pinch Valves

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Flowrox Pinch Valves Flowrox pinch valves are ideal for shut-off or control applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or granular substances. Our advanced flow control solutions meet even the most demanding customer specifications. Flowrox valves improve our customers’ productivity by improving process efficiency and extending service intervals. MODULAR DESIGN Our modular valve design has three main components: the sleeve, the body and the actuator. The sleeve is the only part that is in contact with the process medium. The construction and materials of all three main components...

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Manual Valves The manual valves are equipped with a handwheel actuator. To ensure reliable operation, the operating mechanism of the valve is totally enclosed giving full protection against dirt and corrosion. A reduction gear is provided to ease the manual operation in larger diameter valves and higher operating pressures. Special body types are available for applications dealing with hazardous media. BODY TYPES ENCLOSED BODY The enclosed body valve is the most common body type. Its enclosed design prevents premature sleeve deterioration and protects the sleeve from the environment, making it...

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Automatic Valves Flowrox has several valve options available for automated processes. Our expertise in selection, sizing and engineering provides the best fit forthe customer's process requirements. PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR actuator is double acting, therefore allowing fast opening and closing. Short cycle times are achieved by using quick exhaust valves. suitable for a wide range applied to further improve with an override hand wheel for manualfail-safe and a mechanical or pneumatic spring for automatic fail-safe function. HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR The compact, double acting hydraulic actuator is designed...

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PVEG Valves The PVEG is a robust yet compact and light-weight pinch valve engineered with the highest quality standards that Flowrox is known for. It is applicable in industries that require bubble tight shut-off involving aggressive slurries, abrasion, corrosion, and pressure resistance. body that is both durable and cost efficient. It offers substantial savings through improved performance, longer service lifetime, and lower maintenance costs. PVEG valves can easily replace often problematic ball, plug and diaphragm valves. When closed, the closing element squeezes the sleeve shut against the...

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The Core of Our Valves The core of the Flowrox pinch valve is the elastic sleeve, which is the only part in contact with the medium. The full bore sleeve integrates the valve to the pipeline. This full bore design eliminates turbulence and minimizes pressure losses. Technologically advanced Flowrox sleeves guarantee high wear and corrosion resistance, a trouble free operation, and extended lifetime. The sleeve is a reinforced construction making it the pressure containing part of the valve. Standard Flowrox sleeves for dual pinching are equipped with opening tags to ensure full valve opening in...

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Valve Model Selection Example: PVE300A10-203LR2Z3, SBRT PVE 300 TYPE SIZE (DN) PV = open 25 - 1000 A 10 ACTUATOR PRESSURE FLANGE CLASS (PN) - DRILLING - 2 0 3 BODY MATERIAL SHAPE OF OPENING AUXILITAGS FLANGE ARIES PVE/S = enclosed/ sealed PVS = sealed 1=– 0 = GRS/Fe type 1 6 = 6 bar 2 = DIN PN 10 2 = AISI 316 type 3 10 = 10 bar 3 = DIN PN 16 3 = aluminium type 4 AK = with el.pneum. positioner 16 = 16 bar 4 = DIN PN 25 4 = other 25 = 25 bar 5 = DIN PN 40 AKU = with el.pneum. positioner and pneum. spring 40 = 40 bar 6 = ANSI 150 5 = polyurethane/ polyamide Determined by the valve manufacturer 64...

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Proven Performance Proven Performance with Flowrox □ur customers work in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet. They run extremely abrasive or corrosive processes, often in remote locations. Whether they do business in mining, metallurgy, energy, cement, pulp B paper, chemical or other heavy duty industries, we are there for them. Flowrox is a privately held family owned company with over 30 years of experience and more than 100 000 global deliveries. We value long partnerships with our customers, and are inspired by their success. Our products increase our customers' productivity...

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