Thermal Imaging for Science / R&D - 40 Pages

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Thermal Imaging for Science / R&D
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Catalog excerpts

Thermal imaging cameras for Research and Development R&D Departments Universities Medical Veterinary

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FLIR: The world leader in thermal imaging cameras FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of thermal imaging systems for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and government applications. Rapidly emerging markets and organisation Interest for thermal imaging has grown considerably over the last few years in a large variety of markets. FLIR thermal imaging systems use state-of-the-art infrared imaging technology that detects infrared radiation - or heat. Based on detected temperature differences, thermal imaging cameras can create a crisp image. Complicated algorithms...

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INFRARED: more than meets the eye Infrared - part of the electromagnetic spectrum Our eyes are detectors that are designed to detect visible light (or visible radiation). There are other forms of light (or radiation) that we cannot see. The human eye can only see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. At one end of the spectrum we cannot see ultraviolet light, while at the other end our eyes cannot see infrared. Infrared radiation lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The primary source of infrared radiation is heat or thermal radiation. Any...

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Why use thermal imaging cameras? Why would you choose a FLIR thermal imaging camera? There are other technologies available to help you measure temperatures in a non-contact mode. Infrared thermometers for example. Infrared thermometers vs thermal imaging cameras Infrared (IR) thermometers are reliable and very useful for single-spot temperature readings. But when scanning large areas or components, it’s easy to miss a critical spot. A FLIR thermal imaging camera can scan entire areas or components at once - never missing any overheating hazards, no matter how small. Use thousands of infrared...

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Thermal imaging cameras for R&D applications In Research and Development applications, accuracy, reliability, sensitivity and high performance are vitally important. That’s why FLIR thermal imaging cameras are widely used around the world for applications as diverse as microelectronics, paper processing, automotive, plastics, assessment of materials, target heat signatures, mechanical testing, R&D and much more. FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras are used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real-time, allowing engineers and researchers to see and accurately measure heat...

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The advantages of infrared thermography for R&D applications • • • • • • Gives a full, real-time thermal pattern of the situation Is contactless, non-destructive and non-intrusive Identifies and locates thermal anomalies Stores thermal information Allows for detailed analysis Addresses numerous applications Heat patterns are very difficult to predict. This means that it is not always possible to know where to attach the thermocouples necessary to make accurate measurements and effectively evaluate heat dissipation. Furthermore, since the thermocouple needs to be in contact with the component to...

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Science packs Hardware and software: the perfect combination At FLIR we recognize that our job is to go beyond just producing the best possible thermal imaging cameras. We are committed to enabling all users of our thermal imaging cameras to work efficiently and productively by providing them with the most professional camera-software combination available on the market today. Our team of committed specialists is constantly developing new, better and more user-friendly software packages to satisfy the most demanding thermal imaging professionals. All software is Windows-based, allows fast, detailed...

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FLIR SC305, SC325, SC645 and SC655 R&D packs Speed up your design cycle with infrared The FLIR SC305, SC325, SC645 and SC655 R&D packs contain a thermal imaging camera that is designed to keep the thermal efficiency of your development project under constant control. The FLIR SC-packs prevent design faults in the making, ensure quality and cut time-to-market. Each pack contains a thermal imaging camera with infrared lens and ResearchIR software. Perfect your design, improve your design process In the design process it is rarely possible to see a thermal problem with the naked eye or to measure...

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Thermal quality control on domestic appliances Rugged aluminium housing Easy mounting on three sides Germanium lens Gigabit Ethernet connection Power connection USB 2 HS Thermal image of a laser beam Digital input/output connection Camera Model Comparison –20 °C to +350 °C in 2 ranges (+1200 °C optionally) Control and image –20 °C to +350 °C in 2 ranges (+1200 °C optionally) Control and image –40 °C to +650 °C in 2 ranges (+2000 °C optionally) Control and image –40 °C to +650 °C in 2 ranges (+2000 °C optionally) Control and image TCP/IP socket-based FLIR proprietary and GenICam 16-bit 320 × 240...

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EW SC450 and SC650 R&D packs N FLIR State-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras that combine good ergonomics and flexibility with high image quality Up to 640x480 pixel resolution The high definition 640x480 pixels detector of the FLIR T650sc wich is included in the SC650 pack generates crisp and clear detailed images that are easy to interpret, resulting in reliable inspections with higher accuracy. Users that do not need this high image quality can chose for the SC450 pack that includes a T450sc generating thermal images of 320 x 240 pixels. The FLIR SC450 and SC650 R&D packs contain a thermal...

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Connect to smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, using the FLIR Tools mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) for processing and sharing results as well as for remote control. Flashlights Visual camera Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) Laser Pointer Interchangeable infrared lens Easy-to-use controls Tiltable lens unit Large LCD touch screen Ergonomic design Control buttons Stylus MSX allows seeing even more detail on the thermal image. Camera Model Comparison Thermal image quality: 320x240 pixels Thermal image quality: 640x480 pixels Temperature range: -20°C up to +1,500ºC Image frequency 60 Hz Simultaneous...

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