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AirPicker AirGripper Brochure - 2 / 4 Pages

AirPicker™ and AirGripper end-effectors move objects of all shapes and sizes.
Conforming to multiple sizes and shapes
Transferring hot, freshly molded test tubes
Handling and packaging bottles
Handling photosensitive copier drums
AirPicker AirGripper Brochure
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    IRPICKER IRPICKER IRPICKER IRGRIPPER IRGRIPPER IRGRIPPER >TMTM Pneumatic Working Pneumatic Working Devices for Firm and Devices for Firm and Precise...
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    Firestone end-effector Selection Guide AirPicker end-effector - Neoprene rubber material Style Number Rubber Bladder Length (inches/mm) ...
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    Advantages • Conform to Any Shape • Multiple Sizes Handled with One Gripper • Delicate Handling • Wide...
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