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VKD DN 10÷50 - 16 Pages

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VKD DN 10÷50
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Catalog excerpts

DUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve

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FIP has developed a VKD DUAL BLOCK® ball valve to introduce a high reference standard in thermosplastic valve design. VKD is a True Union ball valve that meets the most stringent needs required by industrial applications. DUAL BLOCK® 2-WAY BALL VALVE • Connection system for solvent weld, threaded and flanged joints • Patented SEAT STOP® ball carrier system that lets you micro-adjust ball seats and minimise the axial force effect. • Easy radial dismounting allowing quick replacement of O-rings and ball seats without any need for tools • PN16 True Union valve body made for rigid PVC-U injection...

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1 Ergonomic HIPVC handle equipped with removable tool to adjust the ball seat carrier. 2 Handle lock 0°- 90° SHKD (available as an accessory) ergonomically operable during service and padlockable 3 Robust integrated bracket for valve anchoring, for easy and quick automation even after valve installation on the system via the Power Quick module (optional) 4 DUAL BLOCK® patented lock system that ensures union nut tightening hold even in severe conditions such as vibrations or heat dilation

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For water and harmless fluids to which the material is classified as CHEMICALLY RESISTANT. In other cases, a reduction of the nominal PN pressure is required (25 years with safety factor). KV100 FLOW COEFFICIENT The Kv100 flow coefficient is the Q flow rate of litres per minute of water at a temperature of 20°C that will generate Ap= 1 bar pressure drop at a certain valve position. The Kv100 values shown in the table are calculated with the valve completely open. Working temperature

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The information in this leaflet is provided in good faith. No liability will be accepted concerning technical data that is not directly covered by recognised international standards. FIP reserves the right to carry out any modification. Products must be installed and maintained by qualified personnel.

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VKDIVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with female ends for solvent welding, metric series d VKDIV/SHX DUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with handle lock and STAINLESS steel threaded inserts with female ends for solvent welding, metric series d VKDDVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with male ends for solvent welding, metric series d

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VKDLVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with female ends for solvent welding, BS series d VKDFVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with BSP threaded female ends R DUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with female ends for solvent welding, ASTM series d

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VKDNVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with female ends, NPT thread R VKDJVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with female ends for solvent welding, JIS series d DUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with female ends, JIS thread R

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VKDOVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with EN/ISO/DIN PN 10/16 fixed flanges, Face to face VKDOAVDUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with fixed flange, drilled ANSI B16.5 cl.150#FF VKDBEV DUAL BLOCK® 2-way ball valve with PE100 SDR 11 male end connectors for butt welding or electrofusion (CVDE) d

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CVDE Long spigot PE100 end connectors for joints with electrofusion fittings or for butt welding SHKD Handle block kit 0° - 90° lockable PMKD Mounting plate PSKD Stem extension

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EASYTORQUE KITKit for ball seat carrier tightening adjustment for DUAL BLOCK® DN 10^50 series valves 3/8”-1/2” Tightening torque recommended* •calculated in ideal installation conditions POWER QUICK CP The valve can be equipped with pneumatic actuators, using the PP-GR module reproducing the drilling pattern foreseen by ISO 5211 d    DN POWER QUICK CE The valve can be equipped with electric actuators, using the PP-GR module reproducing the drilling pattern foreseen by ISO 5211 d

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MSKD MSKD is a limit switch box with electromechanical or inductive micro switches to remotely signal the valve position. Manual valve installation is possible using the Power Quick actuation module. The box can be assembled on the VKD valve even if already installed on the system. * With threaded inserts

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1 • Handle insert (PVC-U - 1) 2 • Handle (HIPVC - 1) 3 • Stem O-rings (EPDM-FPM - 2)1 4 • Stem (PVC-U - 1) 5 • Ball seat (PTFE - 2)1 6 • Ball (PVC-U - 1) 7 • Body (PVC-U - 1) 8 • Ball seat O-Rings (EPDM-FPM - 2)1 9 • Radial seal O-Ring (EPDM-FPM - 1) 10 • Socket seal O-Ring (EPDM-FPM - 2) 11 • Ball seat carrier (PVC-U - 1) 12 • End connector (PVC-U - 2) 13 • Union nut (PVC-U - 2) 14 • Spring (STAINLESS steel - 1)2 15 • Handle safety block (PP-GR - 1)2 16 • DUAL BLOCK® (POM - 1) 17 • Threaded inserts (STAINLESS steel or Brass - 2)2 18 • Distance plate (PP-GR - 1)2 19 • Screw (STAINLESS steel -...

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1) Isolate the valve from the line (release the pressure and empty the pipeline). 1) All the O-rings (3, 8, 9, 10) must be inserted in their grooves as shown in the exploded view. 2) Unlock the union nuts by pressing the lever on the DUAL BLOCK® (16) along the axis and separate it from the union nut (fig. 1-2). It is also possible to completely remove the block device from the body of the valve. 2) Insert the stem (4) from inside the valve body (7). 3) Fully unscrew the union nuts (13) and extract the body sideways. 4) Before dismounting, hold the valve in a vertical position and open it 45° to...

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8) If necessary, support the pipework with FIP pipe clips or by means of the carrier built into the valve itself (see paragraph “fastening and carriers”). The VKD valve can be equipped with a handle lock to prevent ball rotation (supplied separately). When the handle safety block (14, 15) is installed, lift the lever (15) and rotate the handle (fig. 6-7). A lock can also be installed on the handle to protect the system against tampering (fig. 8). Seal can be adjusted using the extractable insert on the handle (fig. 3-4). The seals can be adjusted later with the valve installed on the pipe by simply...

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FIP - Formatura Iniezione Polimeri Loc. Pian di Parata, 16015 Casella Genova Italy Tel. +39 010 9621.1 Fax +39 010 9621.209 MANUAL PVC-U VALVES Code LEVAMAV MANUAL VALVES The PVC-U manual valves line consists of a comprehensive range of ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, sediment strainers, air release valves, foot valves and angle seat valves for use in the construction of process and service lines for conveying pressurised industrial fluids and for maximum operating temperatures of no more than

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