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Gemini series - 12 Pages


1930 - 2010

CNC Gantry Style Plate Fabrication
Center for Drilling, Tapping, Milling,
Marking and Thermal Cutting

Gemini series
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    CNC Gantry Style Plate Fabrication Centerfor Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Marking andThermal CuttingPlasma torch with laser height sensingPlate clamping...
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    The complete plate working solution for fabricators and manufacturers of all sizes.The Gemini handles from light to heavy plate for thermal cutting, marking,...
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    Nesting reportCUTTINGThe Gemini’s mobile gantry design allows for a greaterrange of plate sizes and thicknesses without concern for theplate weight...
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    NestingCNC Fanuc controlHypertherm control panel
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    Exhaust system for the plasma and/or oxy-fuel torchesEdge BevellingThe Gemini can make weld preps either by milling orplasma beveling. For precision bevels,...
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