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TOM Tightening Operation Monitor

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POWER _ sVSTtW ' OtftPOl TOM Tightening Operation Monitor "Poka Yoke" device for the tightening process

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TOM - Tightening Operation Monitor Tightening and monitoring with TOM: the intelligent simplicity TOM unit is a “Poka Yoke” process verification system, entirely designed , and manufactured by Fiam. It verifies in real-time the tightening process status, it guarantees reliability regardless of operator influence and allows skipping the post process quality check. It is an innovative, practical and inexpensive Poka Yoke system (anti-error): at the end of the tightening sequence, the operator is warned about the outcome thus can quickly move to the next assembly job. It warns the operator at...

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LARGE DISPLAY • nr. of program in use • nr. of screws to be tightened • nr. of set sequence • nr. of screws tightened on the total ACOUSTIC SIGNALS = Screw OK = Program end = Error = Sequence end The language can be selected at any stage of programming Italian Maintenance of screwdrivers: thanks to the tightening counter, it is possible to control the number of rundowns, to program the maintenance of the screwdrivers and let them work at rated performances over time Production shifts efficiency under control: thanks to the statistics, it is possible to check the efficiency of production at...

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Recognize errors before they turn into wastes! Poka Yoke, some curiosities... THE 5 PRINCIPLE OF LEAN MANUFACTURING 1. Specify what creates value from the customers perspective 2. Identify all the steps along the process chain 3. Make those processes flow 4. Make only what is pulled by the customer 5. Strive for perfection by continually removing wastes THE MEANING Poka-yoke (^ tl 3 *r) [poka yoke] is a Japanese term that means "mistake-proofing". A poka-yoke is any mechanism in a lean manufacturing process that helps an operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka). Its purpose is to eliminate...

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• 8 for programmes selection, 6 for remote functioning: switching off, program activation, tool stop, tool loosening, program reset Availables with contacts 24V/GND (both pull-up and pull-down) for a great compatibility with the bench buttons (i.e: reset, block, unblocking etc.) and to be interface with the PLC of the client • For results, active program, screwdriver status and possible electro-valve activation, auxiliary output, signal waste piece, in cycle signal (to check the beginning and the end of tightening cycle, useful i.e. set/unset the pieces jigs) Automatic check of tightening...

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TOM answers every need TOM can be connected to air shut-off screwdrivers - straight, pistol and angle models - equipped with air pick-up signal. It is also suitable for oil pulse wrenches with air shut-off system (IHE_A) as well as Fiam auto-feeding tightening systems featuring air screwdrivers with telescoping and forward bit stroke device. Choose your screwdriver among more than 100 models available. Electric screwdriver eTensil E8C2A-2000 E8C3A-1200 E8C3A-900 E8C4A-650 E8C5A-350 E8C4A-650 = Electric screwdriver with automatic shut off • E = Electric • 8 = Power of motor in watt/10 • C =...

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screwdrivers with pneumatic pick-up signal Code    Type Nm    in lb rpm Type Type kg lb 0 x l x h l/s Drive dBA STRAIGT MODELS

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Code    Type Nm    in lb rpm Type Type kg lb 0 x l x h l/s Drive dBA tightening and untightening operations |4 Push start NOTE: For models with reversibility next to the start button: reversibility switch can be positioned either right or left side of the screwdriver For models designed according to the customer's needs, please contact Fiam Technical Assistance Service. • The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787) the recommended operating pressure. • Tightening torque values have been measured in accordance with ISO 5393 standard. • Noise level has been measured in...

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MULTI-DOCK CONNECTOR Connecting up to 8 tools (each tool has a dedicated program) that can operate individually depending on TOM programming. There are 2 LEDs for each screwdriver: one indicates the enabled screwdriver (to be used) and one indicates the tool is working. Geared for additional feeding in case of need (feeder upon request). Supplied with adapter for connection with TOM and 2 connecting cables. New exclusive air hoses, designed by Fiam. They provide specific features for use of the new transducer for TOM (cod. 687041041). The two hoses for the pneumatic signal pick-up are fixed...

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BT-MG MAGNESIUM TELESCOPIC ARMS This solution for ergonomic workplace eliminate torque reaction on operator's wrist. They guarantee reliability and long life span thanks to accurate manufacturing process and innovative, high quality materials used. • Designed with different telescoping extension elements (3 for all models and 2 for BT-MG 10...), they are conform for working areas according to various productive needs • Double final junction allows maximum freedom of action, great handiness, even when tightening with the tool bent • To be used with any type of tools with diameter up to 50...

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