Air nutrunner motors - 13 Pages

Tightening automation.
Only excellent solutions.
Air nutrunner motors
• Tightening torque control system:
with air shut-off, with slip clutch,
without clutch (stall type)
• Tightening torque: from 0,4 up to 40 Nm

Air nutrunner motors
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    Tightening automationRequirements change,efficiency remains.Accurate, reliable, compact and performing: these are Fiam air nutrunnermotors. The ideal solution...
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    Be demanding Don't be satisfied with the maximum Reliability A careful design guarantees long lifetime and reliability of the components...
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    Nutrunner motors with air shut-off Type of motor I Tightening torque I /<?// / 1^1 on soft joint...
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    Nutrunner motors with slip clutch Type of motor / Tightening torque on soft joint Model 1CodeNmin lbr.p.m.TypeTypeKglbmml/sDriveOutputMCZE21123117220,8...
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    Nutrunner motors without clutch These motors without clutch guarantee tightening eveness also in presence of extremely soft joints and maximum versa- tility:...
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