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Air angle nutrunners

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Reliability and accuracy: real innovation knows no obstacles. Air angle nutrunners • with 90° angle head • with 30° angle head • with flat head drive • Torque range: from 0,8 to 60 Nm • Automatic

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Tightening in presence of limited space and where access is difficult. Also with high torques. Particularly suitable for motorvehicle industry and household appliances, angle nutrunners are indispensable when space is limited and where access is difficult, such as up against walls, close to metal sections and profiled beams, etc. Main features are: • robust angle heads to guarantee long lifetime • high torque accuracy • great attention to ergonomics Real innovation knows no obstac

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With the AF nutrunners all points that need tightening are within easy reach These air nutrunners with a flat head drive are the most effective tool for solving all assembly situations where it’s difficult to reach the point to tighten and where objects would get in the way of ordinary angle nutrunners. More specifically, the AF air angle nutrunners are extremely useful where there are pressurised circuits, that is to say components with pipes containing fluids fitted with nuts that need tightening (as could be gas ramps in hobs, refrigerator compressor pipes, car braking system pipes,...

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Robust angle heads to guarantee reliability and long lifetime. Radial opening ideal to reach the nut.

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Long lifetime of the components thanks to careful design and to quality of the productive process which results in less maintenance and repair costs The torque control system with instant automatic air shutoff improves the quality of the tightening process, and consequently that of the finished product High performance motor: optimising performance even when supply pressures are low Robust control top, obtained by mechanic working, guarantees high resistance to hits and long lifetime High tightening precision: CM/CMK values are extremely high; therefore they can be used where great...

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Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative Optimization of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety Innovative systems designed paying even more attention with respect to environment and of its safeguard All nutrunners, except for A...R models, have a rotating cursor for the adjustment of the clutch, practical, easy and safe Effective built-in silencing system: these nutrunners are extremely noiseless and are equipped with a controlled spread of the exhaust air The long ergonomic start lever permits a more comfortable and easy grip to guarantee the operator’s...

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• The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787) the recommended operating pressure. • Tightening torque values have been measured in accordance with ISO 5393 standard. • Noise level has been measured in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 15744 standards. * Additional factor: 3 dBA spread in method and production (ISO 15744). • Vibrations level have been measured in accordance with ISO 28927 - 2 standars. • Accessory drive: male square drive (ISO 1174). • The code number must be used when ordering. Legend Reversibility: all models are suitable for tightening and...

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in lb rpm Type Type kg I lb I l/s I Drive I dBA I m/s2 500 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 How to choose 40A...AF... models 40 = Nutrunner power (400 watt) • A = Angle nutrunner • 17 = Maximum torque expressed • A = Air shut-off • F = Flat (flat head drive) • 12 = Hexagonal drive used • B/T = Type of end gear (Blind or Through - E.g.: B = Models with Trough end gear (T version instead of B) (i.e. 40A17AF12B ^ 40A17AF12T) • 7,5 = Extended hexagon size, the size can be from 7.5 mm to "n", depending on the need. To guarantee maximum nutrunner...

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standard CONFIGURATIONS END GEAR FOR HEX FROM 8 TO 15 mm • Blind hexagon • Through hexagon for end gears until 14 mm • Reinforced hexagon for end gears from 15 mm EXTENDED END GEAR FOR HEX FROM 16 TO 22 mm • Blind hexagon EXTENDED HEXAGON SIZE * Size (mm) from 7 mm .5 to “n” , depending on the need • Through hexagon 9 mm: maximum pipe diameter the head can hold. Different diameters upon request. The size of the extended hexagon (*), can be: - 0 to 30 mm for use of hexagons up to 15 mm max - 7 to 30 mm for use of hexagons greater than 15 mm .5 CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST END GEAR...

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• Bits, sockets, manual and magnetic adaptors for inserts, exhaust air conveyors, balancers and other accessories. See the "Fiam Accessories"catalogues n. 77 and 78. Swivelling bail ring for models AD, AG: practical accessory designed to keep the tool always in a horizontal position, perfectly balanced and swivelling allowing a considerable reduction in fatigue during tightening operations. • BC 25 and BC 40 cartesian arms complete with omnidirectional coupling for more ergonomic tightening operations with 40A...AF angle nutrunners. This agile and flexible device allows besides extension...

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BT-MG MAGNESIUM TELESCOPIC ARMS CARTESIAN ARMS This solution for ergonomic workplace eliminate torque reaction on operator's wrist. They guarantee reliability and long life span thanks to accurate manufacturing process and innovative, high quality materials used. • Thanks to the telescopic elements (3 for all models and 2 for BT-MG 10...) and different reachable lengths, they adapt themselves to working areas according to productive needs • Double final junction allows maximum freedom of action, great handiness, even when tightening with the tool bent • To be used with any type of tools •...

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