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Accessories for ergonomic workplaces

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Accessories Magnesium telescopic arms | Magnesium telescopic arms with positioning device | Cartesian arms | Balancing arms Balancers | Auxiliary grips Accessories for ergonomic workplace • Magnesium telescopic arms • Magnesium telescopic arms with positioning device • Cartesian arms • Balancing arms - Balancers • Auxiliary grips

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Accessories for ergonomic workplaces In order to improve productivity and product quality safeguarding operator’s health, it is strategically important to design the workplace in a ergonomic and rational way. To do that, parts to be assembled and tools to be used must be easy to collect and handle. The focus of ergonomics is a strong point of Fiam solutions. All solutions are designed and built to reduce any kind of fatigue for operator, to ensure maximum safety of use and to increase production performance. On these issues Fiam also offers a qualified consulting and training activity. Fiam...

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Many factors have to be considered in order to design an ergonomic workplace, namely: Using last generation tools which eliminate the beginning operator’s risk factors. The tools must be chosen according to the type of joint, of screws, of operator’s position at workplace (sitting or standing). l Use of accessories that, according to their combination, can solve specific logistic and productive needs. Accessories need to be specified according to tool type, type and dimensions of workplace, type and dimensions of workpiece. Accurate design of workplace which has to consider ideal geometry...

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BT-MG MAGNESIUM TELESCOPIC ARMS New range of telescopic arms in magnesium alloy, designed and produced by Fiam. Conform for use with any kind of tool (screwdrivers/nutrunners, drills, tappers) being extremely resistant to mechanical stress thus guaranteeing reliability and long life span, thanks to accurate manufacturing process and applied innovative materials. Designed with different telescoping extension elements (3 for all models and 2 for BT-MG 10...), they are conform for working areas according to various productive needs: from a minimum of 45,5 cm to a maximum of over 2 meters....

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(1) Tool holder accessory Standard equipment (supplied with arm) • 2 kits of screws with different lengths to install tools with different diameter from 26.5 up to 50 mm • Eco-friendly packaging • Use and maintenance manual Accessories available upon request • Tool holder accessory (1) for electric screwdrivers eTensil cod. 692079180. Manages 9 positions of rotations. • Wide Operating Area • Wide rotation of the tool around its axis MIN.45,5 cm - MAX 2,12 mt. • They eliminate any counterblow to operator's hands • They eliminate vibrations • They allow the maintenance of a good wrist...

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Tightening System for Poka Yoke processes that increases the efficiency and the speed of the production cycle while maintaining high the attention to ergonomics for the operator. Entirely designed and built by Fiam, it is composed from a BT-MG telescopic arm in magnesium equipped with a positioning device and a TPM monitoring unit. These armstands are extremely resistant to any mechanical stress thus guaranteeing reliability and long lifespan, thanks to an accurate manufacturing process and to innovative materials. With 3 different telescoping extension elements they adapt to the work areas...

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How to order? The tightening system is made up of: • BT-MG telescopic arm complete with sensors for the position’s detection (to choose in the chart at page 8) • TPM monitoring unit cod. 692078019 • Connecting cable to choose according to the configuration of use Cable TPM/TOM Electric Screwdriver Power Supply Unit TPU 2 BT-MG ... TPM 1/2 Telescopic Arm Electronic High Tech DC Tightening System Cable TPM/XPAQ Code 692079182 Air Automatic Screw Feeding System Cable TPM/CA Electronic Automatic Screw Feeding System High Tech dc Screwdrivers

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BT-MG Magnesium Telescopic Arm with Positioning Device

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New solution for ergonomic workplace entirely designed and manufactured by Fiam; it can be used with every type of tool with diameter up to 50 mm and weight up to 11 Kg thanks to a universal clamp. The vertical and horizontal axis columns have been made of tempered and chrome steel for longer lifespan while their movements running on ball recirculating runners guarantee smoothness, handiness and accuracy. New geometries allow solidity, stability and flexibility both in extension over its entire height and in the rotation at 360°. All these operations take place without arm swings. Other...

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Lateral extension up to 775 mm Technical features Max. angle of rotation    360° Standard equipment (supplied with the arm) • 2 balancers • Protective cover • Instructions for assembly and use • Eco-friendly packaging A = Min. working radius B = Max. working radius Accessories available upon request • BC25 and BC40 arms can be equipped with omnidirectional coupling to facilitate tightening operations with angle nutrunner 40 A...AF • Models for tools weighing more than 11 Kg. For further information, contact the Fiam Technical Consultancy Service.

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Double balancer provided Two balancers are available to support the tool (weight up to 11 Kg.) and other hanging elements (models for heavier tools are available upon request) Sturdy vertical column Its increased diameter avoids any swings Possibility to adjust the horizontal axis to favor the return of the tool back to resting position Ball recirculating runners Vertical and horizontal movements running on ball recirculating runners to guarantee smoothness, handiness and accuracy Universal clamp Protective cover It avoids operator’s hands injuries in case of accidental movements to be used...

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