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Catalogue excerpts

Production concentrated on fundamental economic principles, where complex technology is unnecessary, is the focus of an increasing number of products and manufacturing situations. Such conditions require – and allow – production machines to be completely cost-oriented. The 2200i is a direct implementation of this approach. At Fette Compacting, we have been ruthless in designing a tablet press which utilizes the standard X200-series components to satisfy one point: 100 % economic viability. In spite of this basic requirement, it is Fette Compacting’s goal to maintain our unmatched standards for...

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Profile: Tablet press 2200i (Single-sided rotary press) Your benefits: + Reliable high-performance rotary press + Excellent price/performance ratio + Rapid format and product change over results in high annual yields + Maximum speed, productivity and precision + Operator terminal with 17" touch screen + Easy continuous use + Can be re-fitted for a wide range of tasks + Wide range of accessories and peripherals + Easy to handle and operate + Part of the latest machine generation + High-quality standard Fette Compacting

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Practical, high-performance rotary press Optional accessories and peripheral devices + 2200i tablet press with exchangeable turret + Handling system for turret exchanges + Handling arm for turret exchanges + Switch cabinet with VME bus computer + Operating terminal + Wide variety of turrets for different types of tooling + Stearate distributor + GRATEX (de-dusting and de-burring) + LOADING CENTER (for tablets) + WEIGHTMASTER 4.1 (in-process control of weight)

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Increased productivity through exchangeable turrets + Reduction of down-time through use of an extra turret, complete with cams and tools + Increased annual yield through optimization of the interchangeable turrets + Hard-chrome plated or stainless steel turrets are available as options – increased resistance to abrasion – increased resistance to chemicals – reduced roughness, smoother surfaces – improved and faster cleaning (washable) + Machines readily available + Quick adjustment to highly varied production conditions + A wide range of tablet formats for single layer applications possible

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Modular machine construction + Maximum operating security + Maximum working safety + Enclosed compression compartment (reduces noise and dust) + Extended maintenance intervals + Modular design with separation into four sections: – head section – compression area – middle area – drive area + igh performance torque H drive unit + o gear boxes N

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Easy machine operation + Ergonomic, height-adjustable operating terminal with 17" touch screen + New screen layout with clear structure for intuitive learning + Structured diagnostic messages for rectifying malfunctions + 9 different user levels available for security + Windows XP® operating system + Uninterruptible power supply, prevents data loss + Pre-prepared batch data can be re-used continually

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main switch upper cable inlet (90 x 200) (Option) lower cable inlet (140x 240) Foundation loading In- and outlet air for motor cabinet 210 Optional: service care 190 kg

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Number of punch stations Pitch circle diameter Turret rotation speed Punch shaft diameter Punch length Upper punch pen. depth Punch type Tablet output/h Power supply data Tablet press approx. 3,500 kg, Operator terminal 100 kg, Electrical cabinet 350 kg Operating voltage 360 – 528 V, 50/60 Hz, Total fusing 50 A, Power consumption 13 kW * Tools only permit up to 70 kN. ** 12 punches only permit up to 25 kN. FS If tools are large and filling depths are high, the machine can not be run at its highest capacity. Because of the technical progress we reserve the right of alteration.

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Fette Compacting GmbH Grabauer Strasse 24 21493 Schwarzenbek Germany Phone +49 4151/12-0 Fax +49 4151/3797 tablet@fette-compacting.com Fette Compacting America, Inc. 400 Forge Way Rockaway N.J. 07866 USA Phone +1 973-5868722 Fax +1 973-5860450 sales@fetteamerica.com Fette Compacting America Latina Ltda. Av. Cambacica, 1200 módulo 10 Parque Imperador CEP 13097-104 Campinas / SP – Brazil Phone/Fax + 55 19 3796 9910 contato@fette-compacting.com.br Fette Compacting Nanjing Machinery Co., Ltd. 8 Phoenix Road Jiangning Development Zone 211100 Nanjing China Phone +86 25 52121818 Fax +86 25 52129951 info@fette-compacting.com Fette...

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