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The new FEIN cordless drill/drivers. Unbeatable in metal. - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The new FEIN cordless drill/drivers. Unbeatable in metal. Noticeably improved drilling, tapping and screwdriving applications.

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FEIN CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVERS FOR METAL Real metalworkers can feel the difference. The new FEIN cordless drill/drivers impress from the minute you start working with them. After all, it's results that count. Professionals in the metal sector can feel the difference instantly. Experience it for yourself today! The extremely powerful range of FEIN cordless drill/drivers offer real metalworkers maximum quality, a very long service life and uncompromising output they can rely on day after day. Metalworking tools are a passion for FEIN. The range of FEIN cordless drill/drivers continues a long tradition...

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FEIN'S RANGE OF CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVERS Tailored performance – perfectly matched to all your needs. In order to provide the perfect tool for all your needs, the FEIN cordless drill/drivers and cordless impact wrench/drivers are available in various voltage classes. FEIN cordless drill/drivers with 12 and 18 V. The perfect interplay of battery, electronics and motor make the FEIN cordless drill/drivers extremely powerful. The outstanding service lives of the brushless FEIN PowerDrive motors are impressive. 30 % more efficiency preserves the battery and ensures a longer battery life. High speeds...

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FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers with 12 and 18 V. The FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers are ideally suited to securing and loosening metric screws. The high efficiency of the brushless FEIN PowerDrive motors provides torque of up to 290 Nm. Using the electronic torque adjustment, the torque can be adjusted in 6 stages to the tightening torque to match the screw size. 10% more torque in reverse running allows tightened screws to be released with ease even after mechanical loading or when subject to corrosion. Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motors Torque adjustable to screw size Extremely tight...

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FEIN cordless drill/drivers: Noticeably improved drilling, tapping and screwdriving applications in metal. The optimal cutting speed for every hole diameter. 4 speed settings offer the correct speed for the hole diameter and material every time. And the right speed for the desired hole diameter is determined in just two steps. 1. Determine the cutting speed based on material and drill. Construction steel Strength < 500N/mm1 Stainless steel Strength < 800N/mm2 FEIN cordless drill/drivers with this interface can be operated with all FEIN Li-Ion batteries between 12 and 18 V. The tools achieve maximum...

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Optimum cutting speeds thanks to 4-speed gearbox. Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor ꨈꨈ Complete dust-proof protection. ꨈꨈ 30 % higher efficiency. ꨈꨈ Very long service life. ꨈꨈ 2200 screw connections with one battery charge (5 Ah). Change quickly between drilling, tapping and screwdriving applications QuickIN (MAX) interface for accessories. User protection should the tool suddenly block thanks to the electronic torque shut-off. Drill large diameters ꨈꨈ 12 mm twist drilling. ꨈꨈ M12 tapping. ꨈꨈ 25 mm carbide hole sawing. Drill slip is minimised thanks to carbide-tipped clamping jaws. Long service...

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Extensive QuickIN accessories. The FEIN QuickIN accessories permit a rapid, tool-free change between drilling, tapping and screwdriving applications in metal. The attachments are optimally designed for the relevant task and offer more reliability and precision than conventional solutions. QuickIN tapping adapter With 2 collets for shank diameter of 4.5 mm and 6mm for thread sizes M4/M5/M6/M8. Power is transmitted via the square of the thread drill. This prevents the tool from slipping. 60 Nm QuickIN drill chuck Small solid metal drill chuck with high concentricity. Optimum for hole diameters up...

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Battery voltage (capacity) Motor Gearbox Accessory interface Battery interface Idling speed    per min Max. torque (hard/soft)    Nm Torque levels Max. hole diameter in steel    mm Tapping Battery pack service life* Weight with battery    kg Order no. for Select RRP plus VAT Order no. for basic set RRP plus VAT Order no. for professional set RRP plus VAT *5 x 40 mm in timber Various equipment variants Tool without battery or charger in plastic tool case Tool with 2 batteries and rapid charger in plastic tool case As with the basic set plus extra accessories in plastic tool case

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FEIN CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH/DRIVERS FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers: controllable raw power with adjustable torque. Depending on the screw size, the torque can be adjusted to the desired tightening torque. Thanks to the innovative FEIN MultiVolt interface, the 18 V impact wrench/drivers can be operated with all FEIN Li-Ion batteries of different voltages. Optimum torques to suit screw size thanks to electronic 6-level torque setting. Tightening and loosening screws up to M18 Torque of 290 Nm. Extremely tight screws can be released with ease thanks to 10 % more torque in reverse running. Brushless...

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Adjustable torques. The adjustable torques deliver a noticeable improvement in impact wrench/driver control. The tightening torques for metric screws are specified in various DIN standards and using structural calculations. With the FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers, the maximum torque can be preset in six levels. The values stated apply to the hard torque-rate joint and are accurate to a tolerance of +/- 10 %. This improves control of the screwdriving application and protects smaller torque-rate joints from damage. Recommendation for torque setting depending on screw size ASCD 18-300 W2 impact...

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Torque-rate joints and effect on maximum torque M [Nm] Hard torque-rate joint Flexible torque-rate joint Soft torque-rate joint Effects on the torque. If the maximum torque is not reached, this is usually due to external effects. The torque-rate joint itself has the greatest effect. The maximum torque is only ever reached in the hard torque-rate joint. Using spring washers or cup springs and screwdriving applications in timber reduces the maximum achievable torque. Alongside the torque-rate joint, the effect of torsion also impacts on the torque. For example: ꨈꨈ Larger screw diameters transfer...

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