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FEIN core drills KBU and KBH – powerful and universal tools for efficient metal drilling - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Faster core drilling. In metal, in any situation. FEIN core drills KBU and KBH – powerful and universal tools for efficient metal drilling.

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CORE DRILLING Get to the core of the matter faster. With more precision, economy and speed than ever before, FEIN core drills deliver the best results in the shortest time. The compact, powerful and universal FEIN core drills reduce effort to a minimum, because as well as requiring no pre-drilling or retooling, they also offer rapid work progress. And because FEIN core drill bits have a smaller machining surface, the feed force is minimal – saving time, energy and money. Cuts working time by up to 40% Core drilling Twist drilling 50% ꨈꨈ Centre ꨈꨈ Pre-drill ꨈꨈ Tool change ꨈꨈ Finish drilling ore...

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The compact, powerful all-rounder with a large stroke range. Efficient core drilling in metal. Rapid, flexible and hand-guided. Small and powerful universal magnetic core drills with clockwise/ anti-clockwise operation and very high functionality for flexible working. Flexible hand-guided metal core drilling system with work progress six times faster than twist drilling. One core drill, many applications The FEIN KBU 35 and the FEIN KBH 25 can do more than just core drilling: they can handle everything from twist drilling and thread-cutting to countersinking and reaming. Core drilling Twist drilling

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MAGNETIC CORE DRILLS NEW Maximum performance. And portable too. FEIN magnetic core drills in the KBU 35 series are the successors to the KBM 32 Q. Weighing in at just 10.6 kg, few other core drills are so lightweight. The low weight, compact design and narrow magnet, with a holding force of 10 000 N all make these tools ideal for mobile use on the construction site, even when used vertically or overhead. The FEIN KBU 35 tools are also extremely powerful and durable, offering a 260 mm stroke range for the use of very large drilling tools. The benefits for you: ꨈꨈ Unique versatility, performance...

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FEIN KBU 35 QW Small and powerful single-speed universal magnetic core drill with clockwise/ anti-clockwise operation and very high functionality for flexible working on the construction site. ► The perfect assembly tool. Suitable for use in tight spaces due to extremely compact, slim tool construction. ► Ideal for all core drilling and occasional twist drilling with a drill chuck. FEIN KBU 35-2 QW Small and powerful 2-speed universal magnetic core drill with clockwise/anticlockwise operation and high speed for efficient twist drilling on the construction site. ► Ideal for all core drilling and...

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Technical data Model KBU 35 QW KBU 35-2 QW KBU 35 MQW Core drilling Twist drilling with drill chuck Twist drilling with MT mount Tapping Countersinking Reaming Carbide core drill bit max. diameter mm HSS core drill bit max. diameter    mm Max. bit drilling depth    mm Twist drilling max. diameter    mm Tapping max. Countersinking max. diameter    mm Reaming max. diameter Power consumption Power output 1st gear Load speed - 2nd gear Core drill fitting (tool-free) Tool mounting Stroke / stroke range Magnetic holding force Magnetic foot dimensions    mm Cable with plug    m Weight (according to EPTA)...

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Tough jobs need tough tools. No matter what the material, application or diameter, FEIN’s extensive range of core drill bits will have the right accessory for your job. Comparison of FEIN core drill bit tool lives FEIN HM Ultra ll bit ht core dri Find the rig .fein-uk now: www ore-drilling c Number of drill holes 150 The FEIN core drills range at a glance HM Ultra: Durable and powerful in all metals. HSS Dura: TiN coating, perfect for steel and stainless steel. HSS Nova: Resistant to shock and impact in steel construction and on the construction site. Hard-to-cut metals

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HM Ultra core bit with / in Weldon fitting Very long service life and outstanding cutting performance. 0 Cutting depth 35 mm Cutting depth 50 mm Cutting depth 75 mm mm    Order number    Order number    Order number HSS core drill bits Order number Order number 0 Cutting depth 25 mm Cutting depth 50 mm Cutting depth 75 mm mm    Order number    Order number    Order number

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Centring pins Size 2 tapping inserts For thread drills in accordance with DIN 371. 0 mm_Square mm_Order number 3/4in Weldon mounting shaft With internal cooling lubricant supply. TaperDrill 0 mm_Cutting depth mmOrder number Size 2 tapping inserts With safety clutch for blind holes. For thread drills in accordance with DIN 371. Size 2 tapping inserts With safety clutch for blind holes. For thread drills in accordance with DIN 374 / 376.

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HAND-GUIDED CORE DRILLING SYSTEM Hand-guided core drilling in metal. Incredibly simple. Power and portability: the FEIN KBH 25 is the only hand-guided metal core drilling system. The perfect interaction of powerful handheld drill, optimum speed, patented drilling technology and carbide core drill bits with special cutting geometry guarantees that you can save huge amounts of time and money. The FEIN KBH 25 is up to 6 times faster than twist drilling and up to 3 times faster than the carbide hole saws now established on the market. The benefits for you: ꨈꨈ Powerful for excellent work progress....

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NEW Flexible: Clockwise/anti-clockwise operation and speed setting For infinitely variable adjustment of speed to particular processes. Clockwise/anti-clockwise operation for universal use. Tool-free: FEIN QuickIN PLUS Change in a matter of seconds. One click and the tool is perfectly secured. Powerful: FEIN high-power motor FEIN 1200 W high-power motor with tacho electronics for high speed stability and economical operation. Fast: Innovative drilling technology Rapid work progress and short drilling times with considerably less effort thanks to innovative drilling technology and special core...

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Core drilling in metal Sawing holes in sheet metal Twist drilling Tapping Countersinking Hole 0 in steel/stainless steel, carbide core drill Hole 0 in light metal, carbide core drill Carbide core drill, max. bit drilling depth Hole 0 in steel/stainless steel, carbide hole saw Carbide hole saw, max. bit drilling depth Hole 0 in steel/stainless steel, twist drill Tapping max. Countersinking max. 0 Power consumption Power output Centre drilling Load speed    1st gear (core drilling) 2nd gear (twist drilling) Torque at max. output power / stall torque Collar 0 Core drill fitting (tool-free) Cable...

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