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Catalogue excerpts

Pancake® Cylinders Original & “T” Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" Features & Benefits This, the original Pancake® Cylinder, was designed in 1958 to satisfy the need for short stroke cylinders that would fit in very tight spaces. Today, with almost four decades of experience in thousands of cylinder applications around the world, The Pancake® Line offers you far more than any of its imitators – more features and options – better quality, strength and appearance – and far longer product life! We are so confident in our design and manufacturing skills that we back every Pancake® Cylinder with our 2-year...

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Pancake® Cylinders Original & “T” Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" Nearly 4 decades of experience paying close attention to design detail, production and assembly techniques have resulted in the ultimate Fabco-Air Pancake®, short stroke cylinders. Pancakes® fit into very tight spaces and virtually ANY short stroke cylinder application. Think how well they will fit with your application! 1. The heavy wall prohibits any damage to the bore from external forces. 2. The one piece cylinder body and bushing support end is machined from solid aluminum bar-stock. This provides unequalled strength, rigidity, and...

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Pancake® Cylinders Original & “T” Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" Original Series C-221-X 1 “T” Series PTFE Piston Bearing Action Information NFPA Symbol TC-221-X Action Letter Action Description Action -X Single Rod Double Acting One Piston Rod Power Extend - Power Retract C-221-XK TC-221-XK Action -XK 150 psi maximum Single Rod Double Acting Nonrotating One Piston Rod Power Extend - Power Retract Piston guide pins for nonrotating C-221-O TC-221-O Action -O Single Rod Single Acting - Spring Retracted One Piston Rod Power Extend - Spring Retract C-221-OP TC-221-OP Action -OP Single Rod Single Acting...

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Pancake® Cylinders Original & “T” Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" Action Information 1 The “Action Letter” portion of the Pancake® Model Number specifies how many piston rods the cylinder has (Single Rod or Double Rod), how the piston rod is extended and retracted (Double Acting or Single Acting), and if the piston rod is restricted from rotating by internal guide pins (Nonrotating). Original Series C-221-XDR “T” Series PTFE Piston Bearing NFPA Symbol The “T” Series is not required in the double rod version. Two rod bushings provide superb rod support Action Letter Action Description Action -XDR Double...

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Pancake® Cylinders PREFIX OPTIONS 1 MODEL NUMBER 1.7 Option Information PREFIX OPTIONS Prefix METRIC Cylinder and Rod Thread. M Female Rod Thread is standard. Optional Male Rod Thread add suffix -MR Original & “T” Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" Mounting holes and rod thread are configured to common METRIC sizes. Ports in 1/2" (5) and 3/4" (7) bores are M5. Ports in 1-1/8" (121) bore and larger are G1/8 with 14mm spotface for 1/8 BSP-Parallel fittings and gaskets. Available on all series, bore, stroke and action combinations. See Option Specifications pages of desired bore and action for complete dimensional...

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Pancake® Cylinders SUFFIX OPTIONS MODEL NUMBER Original & “T” Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" Option Information SUFFIX OPTIONS SUFFIX MALE ROD THREAD Single Rod -MR Double Rod, Rod End Only -MR Double Rod, Cap End Only -MR1 Double Rod, Both Ends -MR2 A high strength stud is threaded into the standard female rod end and retained with Loctite®. This method eliminates the small diameter thread relief area normally required when machining male threads. This provides a much stronger rod end which can be repaired, rather than replacing the complete rod, should the thread be damaged. Available on all series,...

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Pancake® Cylinders SUFFIX OPTIONS SUFFIX OPTIONS 1 Model Number Construction Details Original & "T" Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" SUFFIX For Air-Oil or Hydraulic systems to 500 psi NONSHOCK. 1. A specially formulated U-Cup seal replaces the O-ring piston rod seal. This eliminates leakage past the rod seal and around the bushing. Hydraulic, Low Pressure Service to 500 psi NONSHOCK. Temperature to +300° F max. Consult factory for media compatability and operating temperatures over 300°F. 2. Option -HHC, on single rod bores 1-5/8" (221) & larger, includes a thicker rear cover to assure that there is...

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Pancake® Cylinders SUFFIX OPTIONS Hole Thru Double Rod Shaft Standard Standard Plus Model No. Model No. Hole Size Suffix Hole Size Suffix Bore thru stud (Std) thru stud (Std Plus) 1/2", 3/4" 1/16 -06 – – 1-1/8" 1/8 -13 5/32 -16 1-5/8" 1/8 -13 1/4 -25 2" 5/32 -16 5/16 -31 2-1/2" 5/32 -16 1/4 -25 3" 5/32 -16 1/4 -25 4" 1/4 -25 – – Rod Piston Rod SUFFIX OPTIONS 150 psi maximum operating pressure A hole is drilled through the piston rods & the double rod stud (see construction details on page 1.3). This hole is used for the passage of Vacuum, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid or any media that is compatible with...

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Pancake® Cylinders Original & "T" Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" SUFFIX OPTIONS 1 MODEL NUMBER Option Information SUFFIX OPTIONS SUFFIX ADJUSTABLE EXTEND STROKE For strokes through 4". -AS Full stroke adjustment is standard. NOTE! Use caution when mounting to avoid creating pinch poiunts. C-221-X-AS Dial-A-Stroke provides a rugged and precision adjustment of the extend stroke of the cylinder. The stop tube, adjustment nut with skirt & minimum clearances combine to eliminate pinch points, thus providing operator safety. Note! Use caution when mounting to avoid creating pinch points with other parts...

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Pancake® Cylinders SUFFIX OPTIONS MODEL NUMBER Option Information SUFFIX OPTIONS SUFFIX SOUND LIMITERS Rod End Only Cap End Only Both Rod 1.10 Stroke COLR and Cap Ends Original & "T" Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" -LF -LR -LFR For applications where you need a small amount of cushion at the end of the cylinder stroke to take out the metallic “slap” of piston head on piston stop. This is accomplished by placing an O'Ring on the piston, and/or in the rear cover so that initial contact is with the elastomer and not metal-to-metal. The Fabco-Air design assures sufficient compression of the seals to allow...

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