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The extremely tough grippers that never need adjusting!
How to Order
Gripper Sizing Guide
Select a model based on stroke & grip force
Stroke Grip Force Per Jaw at 100 psi

5.5 lbs
SPG 100

5.5 lbs
9.8 lbs
SPG 200
9.8 lbs
22 lbs
SPG 300
22 lbs
22 lbs
SPG 300LS 1.16"
22 lbs
22 lbs
SPG 300HF 0.54"
100 lbs
22 lbs
SPG 300LSHF 1.16"
100 lbs
88 lbs
SPG 600
88 lbs
88 lbs
SPG 600LS 3.75"
88 lbs
88 lbs
SPG 600HF 1.38"
402 lbs
88 lbs
SPG 600LSHF 3.75"
402 lbs


SPG 300

Jaw Styles
Fabco-Air welcomes your "specials!"
J1*..........Straight jaw – aluminum See special example numbers 1 – 3 on page 5.
J3............Straight jaw – steel
J2*..........Angle jaw – aluminum
J4............Angle jaw – steel
J1/J2‡.... Combination jaws – aluminum
J2/J1‡ ... Combination jaws – aluminum
J3/J4‡ ... Combination jaws – steel
J4/J3‡ .... Combination jaws – steel
*Note: J1 and J2 not available with
high force models.

Note: First jaw listed is
closest to end ports

J1 or J3 Straight Jaws

– J2

– S04

Jaw style

Sensor options

J2 or J4 Angle Jaws

Other options

5mm Threaded Prox Switch Mounted On Same End As Ports
Electrical characteristics – 24VDC, 3-wire w/LED
S16 Switch package without switches
S16 – S20 Available
on SPG200 & SPG300 S17 Single switch (PNP) sourcing
with J2 / J4 style jaws. S18 Single switch (NPN) sinking
S19 Dual switch (PNP) sourcing
Not available on high
S20 Dual switch (NPN) sinking
force models.
Electronic Sensor Mounted On Front Face
Electrical characteristics – LED, 6-24 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max, 0.5 Volt Drop
Sensor package without sensors
E20 – E24 Available
E21, E21C Single sensor (PNP) sourcing
on all models with
E22, E22C Single sensor (NPN) sinking
J1 – J4 style jaws.
Use Suffix 'C'
E23, E23C Dual sensor (PNP) sourcing
for Quick Disconnect E24, E24C Dual sensor (NPN) sinking
Magnetic Reed Switch Mounted On Front Face
Switch package without switches
E20, E25 – E30
E25, E25C Single switch, No LED, 0-120 VDC/VAC
Available on all models
0.5 Amp Max, 5 Watt Max, 0 Voltage Drop
with J1 – J4 style jaws. E27, E27C Single switch LED, 5-120 VDC/VAC,
Use Suffix 'C' for

0.03 Amp Max, 4 Watt Max, 2.0 Voltage Drop
Quick Disconnect
E28, E28C Dual switch, No LED, 0-120 VDC/VAC

0.5 Amp Max, 5 Watt Max, 0 Voltage Drop
E30, E30C Dual switch, LED, 5-120 VDC/VAC,

0.03 Amp Max, 4 Watt Max, 2.0 Voltage Drop

Adjustable Stops
Using Bumper Pads

Other Options (Pages 14 & 15)

1, 2, 4 B

1 C

1 D

1 E

Quick Disconnect Cordsets 1, 2, 3 F
for Electronic Sensors
1, 2, 3 G
and Reed Switches

3 H
Codes E21C - E30C
1, 3 N
Quick disconnect style switches
1, 3 P
are supplied with 6 inch pigtail
1, 3 Q
with male connector.
3, 4 R
Order female connector
cordsets separately as follows:
CFC-1M.........................1 meter
CFC-2M.........................2 meters

CFC-5M.........................5 meters

Note: Prewired styles are supplied

with nine foot leadwire.

Example C3

Quantity (3) Bumpers
in each open position
reduce open motion
Bumpers stack
by 3 times bumper
in open position

Sensing Option Packages (Pages 12 & 13)
Use “S00” if NO Sensors desired
Proximity Switch Mounted On Front Face Of Gripper
Electrical characteristics – 24VDC, 3-wire w/LED
S01 Single switch (PNP) sourcing
S01 – S05 Available
S02 Single switch (NPN) sinking
on all models with
S03 Dual switch (PNP) sourcing
J1 – J4 style jaws.
S04 Dual switch (NPN) sinking
S05 Switch package without switches
5mm Threaded Prox Switch Mounted On End Opposite Ports
Electrical characteristics – 24VDC, 3-wire w/LED
S11 Switch package without switches
S11 – S15 Available
on SPG200 & SPG300 S12 Single switch (PNP) sourcing
with J2 / J4 style jaws. S13 Single switch (NPN) sinking
S14 Dual switch (PNP) sourcing
Not available on high
force models.
S15 Dual switch (NPN) sinking


Option H

Center locating dowel
Front & rear ports
(end ports plugged)
Bumpers (2) to cushion opening
Bumper (1) to cushion closing
Bumpers (3) to cushion
opening and closing motion
Spring option: Jaws spring open
Spring option: Jaws spring closed
Interface blocks (2) for J2/J4 Jaws
Non-synchronous: compliant type
Non-synchronous fixed ref. type
Escapement style
Strain relief for air tubing
Viton seals
Not available on Model SPG100
Not available on long stroke models
Not available on high force models
Not available on SPG600 models

Ordering Example


SPG300LS - J1 - S04 - S02 - NV

Specifies a non-synchronous, compliant type,
long stroke gripper with straight aluminum jaws,
three face-mounted sinking proximity sensors
(2 front/1 back), and Viton seals.

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations.

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