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F-Tool ZPS Duo-Comapct FT 00417 - Version 06.15 / English Innovat i ve Tooling S olutions

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F-Tool ZPS Duo-Compact 280 MTS with F-Tool PowerFlex centring The F-Tool ZPS duo compact with PowerFlex centring is a precise, economic and powerful zero point clamping system. The F-Tool PowerFlex centring takes place by means of conically cut clamping pins which compress the centring ring during clamping and form a friction-locked connection with the base unit. The F-Tool ZPS duo basic unit can be aligned on the machine coordinates by the centre of the chuck and the integrated alignment rail, with no additional aid. 2 x G1/8“ Air connection for opening, closing, cleaning and air pressure control Choice...

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F-Tool ZPS Duo-Compact 280 MTS-A und MTS-M universal clamping solutions for the manual or automatic use The circuit of the Z-support of the ZPS duo basic unit gives an optimal stability and prevents the entry of washing liquid, dirt and chips at the same time. The relative big Z-support causes a good contact with the pallet, what aects the vibration attitude of the machine and the tool wear especially positive at milling performance. Furthermore the Z-supports of the alu pallets do not have to be forced additionally. The economic and narrow pallets can be deposed in the robot saving space and...

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Pallet FT 02292 in use as multiple xation for chucks Pallet FT 02292 prepared for the xation of the F-Tool CentroClamp FT 02282 Pallet FT 02292 in combination with FT 01882, FT 01883 and FT 01959 Head oce: F-Tool International AG • Bettenweg 12 • CH-6233 Büron • Switzerland • Phone +41 (0)62 739 00 30 • Fax +41 (0)62 739 00 39 • E-Mail: Subsidiary in Germany: F-Tool GmbH • Gewerbepark Breisgau • Freiburger Strasse 19 • DE-79427 Eschbach • Phone +49 (0)7634/504883-0 • Fax +49 (0)7634/504883-15 • E-Mail: Subsidiary in Thailand: F-Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • 12/3 Moo...

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