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F-Tool vises and self centring vises - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

F-Tool vises and self centring vises FT 00341 - Version 02.17 / English Innova t i ve Tooling S olutions

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Strong design Convincing technology Excellent value - Cast frame incl. integral guides - Reduced height - Prepared for PowerPlate and direct assembling on pallets and T-slot tables - FT 02281 F-Tool plus more grip clamping jaw with special tooth grip. The clamping jaw is suitable for roughing and finishing. * with grip profile

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F - To o l C e n t r o C l a mp 18 0 U P F-Tool CentroClamp 180 UP - Maximum clamping power: 18 kN - Maximum clamping force: 80 Nm - Clamping path: 0 - 44 mm - Exchangeable clamping jaws - Strong spindle with acme thread TR 26 x 3 mm - Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm - Clamping range depending on clamping jaw 0 – 180 mm - Adjustable zero point - Grid dimension of jaw regulation: 12 mm - Compact and robust construction F-Tool CentroClamp 180 UP Article no. FT 02063 FT 02282 FT 02283 FT 02282 FT 02283 Article F-Tool CentroClamp 180 casting with plus more grip jaws F-Tool CentroClamp 180 casting without...

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F-Tool self centrig vises F-Tool CentroClamp AS-90 - The self-centring precision vise is suitable for 4 and 5 axis usage, either in horizontal or vertical machining. - The vise precision of its centre repetition position is ± 0.01 mm. - Made of high quality cast iron FCD 60 (GGG 60). The slideways have a high frequency heat treat ment at HRC 45° or more to keep the accuracy and a long life. - Vise hard jaw material is made of full steel and heat treatment is at HRC 55° or more. Thanks to its good design you can use both sides of jaws since they are exchangeable. - The special design of the self-centring...

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F-Tool self centrig vises Manual precision centric-vise in stainless steel. Suitable for WEDM and EDM applications as well as milling. Adaptable for different interfaces (FTool PowerPlate/Erowa ITS/3R Macro/FTool Pin Palette) * Assembled, aligned and centered

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F-Tool self centrig vises F-Tool FTCV-SC-100-SJ compact centroclamp with step jaws - compact and accurate for 3D machining    - Vise bed flame hardened to HRC 45° - suitable for palletizing and zero point systems    - robust lead screw with strong clamping mechanism - modular for different clamping jaws    - max. clamping force 30kN Technical caracteristics Options Different clamping jaws for the FTCV-SC-100 allows a big application field

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F-Tool self centrig vises - vise bed flame hardened to HRC 45° - chip protection - max. clamping force 30 kN F-Tool FTM-SC modular centroclamp - modular construction for many clamping applications and various claming sizes - suitable for palletizing and zero point systems Dimensions and technical caracteristics Down Trust" Effect Most Compact In Length * Clamp power intensification via "Lead - screw" intensifier. • Lower deformible design for very high clamping accuracy. The F-Tool vises can be added with fixing holes and be screwed through the pallet from the bottom.

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F-Tool Blank CentroClamp F-Tool Blank CentroClamp 130 x 96 x 55 mm The F-Tool blank CentroClamp is above all suitable to process aluminium and steel parts with 5 axes. The F-Tool blank central clamper has a compact structure and covers clamping dimensions of 10 - 80mm. Supplied with 7° tilted screws clamping jaws. The blank central clamper can be mounted from behind with 4 x M8/110 x 50mm and 4 x M8 Tk37 mm. The centre provides of a bore hole dm12h7mm for the positioning. Clamping width: 90 mm Clamping area: 10 - 80 mm Dimension: l = 130 mm x 90 mm, h = 55 mm Suitable to clamp parts with a size...

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F-Tool compact vise for the 5-axis machining F-Tool FTCV-100SJ compact vise with step jaws - with fix and stationary clamping jaw - compact and accurate for the 3D machining - suitable for palletizing and zero point systems - max. clamping force 40 kN side with stationary jaws) - modular for different clamping jaws - vise bed flame hardened to HRC 45° - robust lead screw with strong clamping mechanism Options Different clamping jaws for the FTCV-100 allow a big application field

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F-Tool FT-HPV precison hydraulic vises for machining centers F-Tool FT-HPV hydraulic vise - strong hydraulic clamping force 70 kN - big clamping opening - suitable for palletizing and zero point systems - vise bed flame hardened to HRC 45° - chip protection F-Tool FT-MPV High Power mechanical vise - High power soft drive handle 40 kN *for the models 100 a high power soft drive handle is installed instead of a hydraulic booster Down Trust” Effect Most Compact In Length Clamp power intensification via Lead - screw intensifier Lower deformible design for very high clamping accuracy The F-Tool vises...

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F-Tool hydraulic vise Mechanical/hydraulic vise FT-MHV-130 Vise made of cast steel with integrated stop jaws and flame hardened guides HRC 45° Technical caracteristics: Suitable for the insert in the single or multiple construction - Mechanical/hydraulic clamping mechanism - Pull-down clamping effect by segment influence - Ductile iron with high strength 60 kg/mm2 - Chip guard - Weight 40 kg - Max. clamping strength 50 - 60 kN - Clamping range 0 - 180 mm (other formats on demand) Pneumatic/hydraulic precision angle lock vise FT-PH-130V Precision vise with integrated pneumatic/hydraulic aggregate....

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F-Tool multiple clamping system MTL-A FT-MTL-A Clamping beam FT-MTL Stopper jaw Type SK FT-MTL Clamping jaw Type MK Article no.

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FT-MTL-D Clamping beam The FT-MLT-A clamping beam is equipped with one SK-D stopper jaw and several MK-D clamping jaws. The MK-D clamping jaw is moving in parallel in one direction. The backside of the MK-D jaw can be used as a stopper jaw as well. FT-MTL Clamping Jaw Type MK-D

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F-Tool multiple clamping system MTL-T FT-MTL-T Clamping beam By turning the clamping screw, the MK-T clamping jaws are moving parallel in two sides at the same time. With two SK-D stopper jaws and one MK-T clamping jaw, two workpieces can be clamped at the same time. If one stopper jaw is placed closed to the MK-T clamping jaw, one workpiece can be clamped as well.

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