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Quality, sustainable innovation and flexibility The values of a cohesive group BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN WHAT WE CREATE TOGETHER EVERY DAY Founded in 1978, in Italy, with 40 years of experience in steel, stainless steel and extruded aluminium production, more than 200 operating staff and 30 million euro turnover, ETA Group represents a safe and recognized benchmark for the global enclosures market as a manufacturer of high quality innovative solutions for Industrial automation, Harsh environments, LV Power distribution and Information technology. In 2016, ETA is opening its third manufacturing...

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The cabinet for automation suitable for multiple solutions SUITE CABINET SYSTEM • Use of high-strength sheet steel to obtain a very robust structure • New manufacturing and technical concepts • Design and high aesthetics with new colour (RAL5020 for roof, handle and plinth) • Already assembled or flat-pack version with 8 screws only (E NUX D=1000 only assembled version) • 90 standard dimensions • Wide range of accessories • Protection rating: IP55, Nema 12, IK10. Available on request: • Versions IP > 55 • Certified solutions with seismic design • Nema4 Complying with IEC 61439 - 1/2...

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Dimensions, range and accessories SUITE CABINET SYSTEM DIMENSIONS W H D SUITE CABINET SYSTEM DIMENSIONS W H D Cabinet dim. W 800 x H 2000 x D 500 mm with frontal blank door and screwed rear panel. These dimensions are referring to the assembled version with blank door and rear panel; please check our General Catalogue for further details. ASSEMBLED VERSION PR E NUX assembled cabinet with frontal blank door and screwed rear panel PV Assembled E NUX cabinet with frontal plexi door and screwed rear panel DP Assembled E NUX cabinet with frontal blank door and rear blank door ST Assembled E NUX...

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FLAT-PACK VERSION Top + bottom 1 EUPI inner door EUPL side inserted mounting plate EUKU joining kit WTGS-001 lifting eyebolts Blank door with n. 2 structural uprights 1 * EUPV Plexi door with n. 2 structural upright * For the modular cabinet with multiple doors or for the PC cabinet with folding keyboard, please order the code EUMT000200 (n. 2 frontal structural uprights) Screwed rear panel with n. 2 structural uprights [EURE][080 200] 12 Front inserted mounting plate +WTKB-002 (mounting kit for front inserted mounting plate) For top, handle and plinth in Pantone2717U , please add the...

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One structure for many solutions MODULAR CABINETS FOR LV ENERGY DISTRIBUTION 1. Solution with multiple doors 2. Solution with inner doors and plexi (or blank) frontal door • Available in both assembled and flat-pack version • Protection rating (valid for version n. 2 only): IP55, Nema 12, IK10. PC CABINET WITH EXTRACTABLE SHELF • Assembled version with rear blank door and front section consisting in: upper plexi door, extractable drawer, lower blank door • Flat-pack version with front section part to be completed according to customers’ requirements • Protection rating: IP55. PC CABINETS...

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Fast - ready-to-use: monobloc & compact solutions emox ecomp MONOBLOC CABINETS DIMENSIONS    CODE MONOBLOC CABINET Ideal solution for single monobloc freestanding cabinet, with a completely welded structure, removable screwed rear panel and modular cable entry. • Available in 27 standard dimensions with blank door (single or double), with plexi door (up to W = 1000 mm) and in horizontal version • Supply includes mounting plate • Protection rating: IP66 (single door) -IP55 (double door), Nema 12, IK10. c(V^us USTCD COMPACT ENCLOSURES For applications where a free-standing monobloc cabinet...

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Simply resistant Control desk solutions WALL-MOUNTING BOXES More than 40 dimensions, 3 versions (blank or plexi door, single or double door, with standard locking system or rod system) and a wide range of accessories to complete your solution: MDST modular chassis, STPO1 inner door, TT roof, WE inserts, SDWC-010 wall-mounting brackets. • Supply includes mounting plate • Protection rating ST: IP66, Nema4 (single door) -Nema12 (double door), IK10 • Protection rating STP: IP66, Nema12, IK10. DESK CABINETS DIMENSIONS W    H    D MODULAR CONTROL DESKS DIMENSIONS CODE CODE CODE CODE ST EE...

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TERMINAL BOXES WITH SCREWED COVER DIMENSIONS CODE TERMINAL BOXES Available in 5 different ranges: with screwed cover, with plexi cover, for bus system, with flanges, with hinged door. • Mounting plate SDPA, DIN profiles and wall-mounting brackets SDWC-010 to be ordered separately • Protection rating (SDV - SDF): IP66, Nema 4, IK10. BOXES WITH SINGLE DOOR DIMENSIONS CODE 8001000300 ST81030* 8001000400 ST81040* 800 1200 300 ST81230 ** * EE version available ** Boxes provided with double door and rod system BOXES WITH PLEXI DOOR DIMENSIONS CODE TERMINAL BOXES WITH DOOR DIMENSIONS CODE TERMINAL...

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Extreme conditions: stainless steel solutions Certified welding process UNI EN15614 WPAR (Welding Procedure Approval Record) and WPS (Welding Procedure Specification). Certification of the quality management system according to ATEX standard. Highly qualified & well trained staff. Customisation with holes, cut-outs, special dimension & professional assistance for special projects. • Designed and manufactured according to the new concepts typical of E NUX • Front inserted mounting plate EUPA and side panels EUFX to be ordered separately • Protection rating: IP55, Nema 12, IK10. ATEX DIRECTIVE •...

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