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Catalogue excerpts

Product overview Release 10.en

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ETA is a solid company that strongly believes in evolution, whose goal is to design and manufacture high-quality enclosure solutions meeting the customer needs and requirements, combining innovation with the experience acquired over more than thirty-five years of business activity. CORE VALUES COMPANY PROFILE The values of a Group: innovation, sustainability and technology in evolution ETA is an agile and efficient company based in Italy with representation in over 40 countries and logistics centres in UK and France, and stands for long-term partnership and customer-facing organization. Further...

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The cabinet for automation suitable for multiple solutions SUITE CABINET SYSTEM • Use of high-strength sheet steel to obtain a very robust structure • New manufacturing and technical concepts • Design and high aesthetics with new colour (RAL5020 for roof, handle and plinth) • Already assembled or flat-pack version with 8 screws only (E NUX D=1000 only assembled version) • 90 standard dimensions • Wide range of accessories • Protection rating: IP55, Nema 12, IK10. Available on request: • Versions IP > 55 • Certified solutions with seismic design Complying with IEC 61439 - 1/2 * *where applicable

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Dimensions, range and accessories: R10 SUITE CABINET SYSTEM SUITE CABINET SYSTEM These dimensions are referring to the assembled version with blank door and rear panel; please check our General Catalogue for further details. 4 ASSEMBLED VERSION Cabinet dim. W 800 x H 2000 x D 500 mm with frontal blank door and screwed rear panel. E NUX assembled cabinet with frontal blank door and screwed rear panel Assembled E NUX cabinet with frontal plexi door and screwed rear panel Assembled E NUX cabinet with frontal blank door and rear blank door Assembled E NUX structure (for modular cabinet with multiple...

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how to configure your solution FLAT-PACK VERSION EUPI inner door EUPL side inserted mounting plate EUKU joining kit WTGS-001 lifting eyebolts Blank door with n. 2 structural uprights * * EUPV Plexi door with n. 2 structural upright * Simplex door: please add the suffix L to the code EUPO * For the modular cabinet with multiple doors or for the PC cabinet with folding keyboard, please order the code EUMT000200 (n. 2 frontal structural uprights) Screwed rear panel with n. 2 structural uprights Modular plinth * Front inserted mounting plate +WTKB-002 (mounting kit for front inserted mounting plate)...

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One structure for many solutions R10 MODULAR CABINETS FOR LV ENERGY DISTRIBUTION PC CABINET WITH EXTRACTABLE SHELF CABINETS FOR RACK 19”/ NETWORKING APPLICATIONS 1. Solution with multiple doors 2. Solution with inner doors and plexi (or blank) frontal door • Assembled version with rear blank door and front section consisting in: upper plexi door, extractable drawer, lower blank door • Flat-pack version with front section part to be completed according to customers’ requirements • Protection rating: IP55. A wide range of accessories compatible with E NUX range: • 19" rack frames completely modular...

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Control desk solutions R10 DESK CABINETS DIMENSIONS W ETA cabinets are not subjected to EMC Directive because they are not sources of electromagnetic waves, but they can be used as a barrier for the electromagnetic waves generated by the internal or external source. The EMC version of E NUX cabinet, thanks to its technical features, has been tested complying with the standard EN 61000-5-7 and is able to shield the intensity of the electromagnetic field in both its electrical and magnetic component (high protection), thus offering a suitable solution to obtain a final application complying with...

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Customer-oriented vision: flexibility and customisation When the standard range of enclosures doesn’t meet with your application, ETA will work with you in developing a product that best suit your requirements. As your needs change, so do the capabilities: advanced machinery technology for holes and cut-outs, automatic paint systems for alternative RAL colours and finishes, a skilled staff to support you in choosing the solution complying with your needs. AETAS3D EASY FAST EFFECTIVE The new software designed for the modification of ETA enclosure solutions: the programme allows the user to easily...

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Fast - ready-to-use: monobloc & compact solutions MONOBLOC CABINETS DIMENSIONS W MONOBLOC CABINET Ideal solution for single monobloc freestanding cabinet, with a completely welded structure, removable screwed rear panel and modular cable entry. • Available in 27 standard dimensions with blank door (single or double), with plexi door (up to W = 1000 mm) and in horizontal version • Supply includes mounting plate • Protection rating: IP66 (single door) - IP55 (double door), Nema 12, IK10. COMPACT ENCLOSURES For applications where a free-standing monobloc cabinet smaller than E MOX or a wall-mounting...

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Compact solutions for outdoor applications SM EVIS simple-walled cabinet manufactured from mild steel DM E VIS twin-walled cabinet manufactured from mild steel SA E VIS simple-walled cabinet manufactured from aluminium alloy DA E VIS twin-walled cabinet manufactured from aluminium alloy. EVZE plinth Thanks to its specific structural concept and its high-resistant materials and finishing, the E VIS range of solutions for outdoor applications ensures a perfect protection of your equipments from all environmental factors, extreme temperatures, harsh environments, atmospheric, mechanical and chemical...

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Functionality & strength: boxes for various solutions

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Extreme conditions: stainless steel solutions Certified welding process UNI EN15614 WPAR (Welding Procedure Approval Record) and WPS (Welding Procedure Specification). Certification of the quality management system according to ATEX standard. Highly qualified & well trained staff. Customisation with holes, cut-outs, special dimension & professional assistance for special projects. • Designed and manufactured according to the new concepts typical of E NUX • Front inserted mounting plate EUPA and side panels EUFX to be ordered separately • Protection rating: IP55, Nema 12, IK10. • Completely welded...

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