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Innovations 2011

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E RM - TD PRQTECT THE CABLINB SYSTEM The efficiency and opration of a plant dpend on the quality of its constituent e*ements: in this respect, and in order to deliver a rcal "compl驨te syslem" to the curfomer. ETA oflcrs E RIVI. the ncw systcm of Walk-on cable conduits (or Boor installation. E RTV1 is a flexible and modular System with sturdy construction and easy assembling: ihe diffrent lenalhs of the l驩ments allow creating diffrent tombinations, while the wide range of modules and connections ensure to meet diffrent installation requirements« The choke of the malerials and the sp驩cifie design of the componcnls guarantee njyditv and safety. Modular and flexible, safe and sturdy: E RIVI enwres the protection of your cabling System. ISJNDVATIVE ENCL05URE SOLUTIONS FOR l\0U5TRIAL & ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS evis 22035 Canzo^Como(IUly) Via Monte Bar/aghino. 6 tel.+39 031.673.611 lax +39031.670325 Eta EnclosureslUK) Limited Unit 2, Ignite. Magna Way RotheihamS601FD tel +44(0)1709386630 fax +44(0)1709 369524 www.eta-endosures.couk i n(o6) Eta S.pA France Rue du Pr aux Bufs BP455 76806 Saint Etienne du Rouvray ld. +33(K) 3564 34 70 fax *33(02)35G4 22 75 eta -franc e@wa nad oc f r The new for automatic innovations SOll E VIS THE TOUBH SOLUTION FQR OUTtlOR APPUCATlfJrsfi Ihanks to its sp霩cifie structural concept and ils high-rosistant materials and linishing, the E vis range of solutions for outdoor applications ensures a perfect protection of your equipments from ail environmenlal lactors. extrme tempratures, harsh environ menti, atmospheric. mechanical and chemical agents. Available in both aluminium and sheet sleel materialp ꩣ VIS is a monobloc cabinet oHered in the twin-walled or simple-walled version (with or vnthout theexternal covers): the spcifie product concept both guarani ces the naturel air-circulation around the monobloc structure and provides safety ol the inner comportent* thanks to the anli-vandalism embedded profile. Rsistant product, materials and tinishing for outdoor applications: E VIS is quality buill in. INIMUVATIVE ENCL05URE SOLUTIONS FOR HMOUSTRIAL & ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS

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new eta curporate logo Toundod in 197B fci ttnrlimttiiaimH\iiii Haly, LIA SpA has e5taWi*cd itseK as one ol the wortd's most prominent and solid Elcctrical Endosurc manufacturent loday, ETA stands oui as a leading investor in R&D and continues to supply the global Electronic and fletlrieal markets with some ol the mosl innovalive high-quaiity enclosure solutions for industriel and dectronic applications. ET is a solid company that strongly believes in volution: our distinctive characteristks is preservingthe values that have always dislinguished us and our strength is providing quality...

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