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Innovation makers. For your innovation.

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Innovative enclosure solutions for industrial & electronic applications innovative > invention enclosure > protection solutions > tailored & customer-care for industrial & electronic applications > your job, our innovation

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A family-run business, now in the third generation. The name ETA pays homage to the story of a family: Eredi Turati Antonio (heirs of Mr. Turati Antonio) who founded the company in 1960, laying the foundations of a global group now active in 40 countries. Continuity, solidity, family spirit. Because only if you have strong deep roots can you look at the future with energy. “There is a red line that links our tradition to our future: the dedication of our family. 3 generations, 1 family tree.” Aldo, Luigia, Cesare Turati

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Innovation from day one. Innovation is not an inspiration that comes from staring at the moon. It comes from research, development, Innovation    and research again. It comes from investment, projects, long-medium term vision. It comes from the desire to move beyond. To improve consistently. To create solutions and possibilities that open up new horizons. “For us, innovation is Re - invent Re - define Re - create Re - think Re - everything.” Aldo Turati, President

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40 years of experience in electrical enclosures manufacturing from steel, stainless steel and extruded aluminum “Figures and people you can rely on.” More than 200 operating staff 30 million euro turnover Global figures 45% direct export sales customization options and 3D configurator for product customization 1,000 ideas a day 1 vision: providing solutions to all our customers Luigia Turati, Managing Direc

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Research & Development R&D is the area where we concentrate most investments. This is an essential prerequisite to: • offer value • anticipate industry requirements • present solutions and products that can improve the performance of our customers • exceed their expectations in terms of cost effectiveness, productivity and quality. “We share a belief with our customers: we are sure that innovation is a competitive advantage.” Innovation is not a stop-and-go process, it’s an endless evolution flow. A way of thinking, acting, working. That’s what we have been doing since 1978. Andrea Costamagna

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Tools to work, sure. But they should also help create a more efficient and pleasant production environment. To achieve this goal, we select industrial designers who can add several values to functionality: beauty, ergonomics, design. This focus on design makes Design    the production sites of our customers more innovative and clean, environments where it is more pleasant, more stimulating and safer to work. We imagine factories that can open up their doors to show their high-tech contents, turning into a real marketing experience, interactive and involving. “Design creates value,...

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For us, sustainability encompasses everything: economy, society, culture and environment. It means focusing on recyclable materials and lower energy consumption. A real example? We have cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by investing on fibre optic laser welding technology offering high energy saving and by using HSLA steel with high yield strength. “What’s the use of innovation if you don’t have a beautiful planet around you?” Barbara Tessari, QHSE Ma

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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” Henry Ford said. We fully agree with him. For us, flexibility is not just saying yes to any request, but rather anticipate them, creating solutions that also encapsulate the unexpressed wishes of our customers, who will realize their needs as they use the product. We listen to our customers to draw inspiration to develop solutions that make the difference. “There are no standard desires. Each design and production factor is a variable that you can use to achieve the best effectiveness.” Elisa Paredi, Marketing Ma

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“Going beyond expectations. That’s the customization that really makes a difference.” We have an entire production department dedicated to custom products. We start from international standards to develop tailor-made solutions. Design and manufacturing flexibility results into endless variations of products, with custom colors, drilling patterns and louvres, painting and finishing, up to the creation of ad-hoc products and solutions. Antonio Turati, Production & logistics Executive direc

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Before we sell you a product, we want to know exactly what you are going to do with it, where it is going to fit, which functions it will perform. This is the only way to offer you a really effective solution, one that changes the working environment, that really delivers added value. “Our approach is to create solutions, rather than browsing a catalogue.” Norberto Citterio, National Sales Manage

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Our activity on a global scale began in the early Nineties: exhibitions, sales subsidiaries, branch offices and partnerships. Today, 45% of our turnover comes from direct sales on the European and global markets, through a highly qualified network of professional business partners. 90% of our products are shipped outside Italy to customers in a wide spectrum of industries: food & beverage, packaging, energy, off-shore, oil & gas, automotive, IT… “We are always close to the manufacturing sites of our customers. Wherever they are.” We keep moving and traveling, with a clear vision: stand...

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A family business is not focused on short-term profit, but rather on value creation. Because profit is important, but credibility is essential, it is the prerequisite to keep making profits also under the guide of the next managing director. An American Indian proverb clearly expresses this concept: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” The same is true for our company: we have borrowed it from the next generation of our family and we shall hand it over to them healthy, productive and appreciated. “We look ahead, not at the results of this...

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