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Enclosures for Industrial Automat Enclosures for Harsh environments Solutions for LV Energy distribution

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THE STORY OF ONE FAMILY’S PASSION AND PROGRESS At ETA, the roots of innovation run deep. It’s 1960: amid the general desire to rebuild after the war, Antonio Turati established his company and began teaching his children the value of products made with passion and dedication, customer focus, respect for employees, a good work ethic, and the satisfaction of designing and manufacturing something new. Over time, this family transformed these roots and values into the modern company known as ETA, a name with a modern and technological feel that’s also an Italian acronym for Eredi Turati Antonio...

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Over 35 years of experience in processing sheet steel, stainless steel and extruded aluminium 70.000 mq of area Over 200 workers An extensive sales network that distributes ETA products to over 40 countries worldwide 2 production sites in Italy 1 logistics centre in Italy 2 logistics centres in Europe (UK and France) 1 representative office in Russia (St. Petersburg) 1 branch office in Cyprus for the Middle East area

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THE ENERGY TO INNOVATE THE AUTOMATION INDUSTRY A strong specialization: the production of non-wired electrical panels for industrial automation and LV power distribution applications. How does one achieve and maintain a leading position in this field? • Advanced technology • Certified products • Continuously monitored business processes These factor have led ETA to become a benchmark for the energy management sector: • Power distribution • Civil and industrial automation • Management of data and telecommunications PRODUCTS, SOLUTIONS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE AUTOMATION INDUSTRY On-board...

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SOLID VALUES, WITH AN OPEN VISION The values upon which ETA’s activities are founded: QUALITY QUALITY STAFF AND PRODUCTS SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION The absolute quality of the products is owed to the quality of the staff and the work methods. Highly skilled and continuously updated Personnel Constantly monitored business Processes Carefully designed, meticulously built, and quality certified Products High quality products must also be aesthetically pleasing. The design is therefore essential. One example of ETA’s dedication to design are the awards that the company has won for its cabinets’...

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ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY For ETA, sustainability is a global issue of economic, social, cultural and environmental importance. In concrete terms, for example, this means reducing annual CO2 emissions by investing in an energy-saving fibre optic laser welding technology, and by opting for the use of high-strength HSLA steels. It means using entirely recyclable materials of low environmental impact. It also means creating the conditions necessary for professional growth, in terms of both continuing education and social realization. FLEXIBILITY Design and operational flexibility. This is...

 Open the catalog to page 10 aefa so J *Fasl easily accessible from any device easy to navigate. User-friendly interface, up to date contents and global communication more and more updated through the interaction with social media. An online configurator designed to optimize the delivery of our standard-modified products: in a few simple steps, you can choose the product, customize it with special holes and painting, download drawings and send the purchase order. Everything online, without any further steps and in a few minutes! Thanks to the advanced laser technology of the latest machinery recently...

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FROM PRODUCT When protection The ABACUS packaging is designed to grant maximom performance in terms of protection and differentiation. Greater protection and shock resistance. mage and differentiation from the competitors. Stand oot from the competition approach. Possibility of reose from the distribotor to the end oser. Consorzio Nazionale Recupero e Riciclo degli Imballaggi a base Cellulosica In line with the corporate with local consortium COMIECO (Region Lombardia) who devote particular attention to reducing the packaging of cellulose origin.

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ABACUS: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF COMPUTING Reproduction of ancient Roman Abacus (Collezione Niccolai Firenze). The name Abacus comes from the history of computing. An abacus is an instrument designed to perform mathematical operations, and is the first known ancestor of modern calculators and computer. In ancient Rome, the abacus took on the form of a small bar of metal to be held in the hand, just like the modern day tablet. And in the history of computing, Italy is one of the main protagonists. Fibonacci introduced the Western world to Arabic numerals, as well as the concepts of...

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A specific line of cabinets, enclosures and accessories dedicated to the fields of computing, information technology, extended networks, • cabling and server solutions with IP20 protection rating > ABACUS ESSE ESSE • modular cabinets with IP55 protection rating ^\ • specific solutions designed for heavy duty applications > ABACUS PRO • solutions for Data Centres > ABACUS DACE ABACUS SYSTEM

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ABACUS ESSE range consists of solutions with protection rating IP20: designed to offer the best performance even for simplified applications, the product range includes 19” suite cabinets for cabling (available wtih glazed, blank or ventilated door), server suite cabinets with ventilated or glazed door and 19” wall-mounting boxes. The cabinets are available in both standard or special combination and supplied already mounted or in flat-pack version. For simplified but safe applications, ABACUS ESSE is the system for your requirements

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CABLING RANGE CHARACTERISTICS The profile used for uprights and crosspieces is unique, manufactured from high-strength low-alloy sheet steel (HSLA), closed with continuous fiber laser welding and free of sharp edges. The frame corners are manufactured with orthogonal joints laser welded to vertical upright rails and horizontal rails for the roof and bottom. Only 8 high resistance screws are necessary to mount the structure, while two position pins allow the easy mounting of the two parts of the joint. Panels are manufactured from sheet steel with rounded folding for higher resistance and...

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