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Universal Serial Bus - 4 Pages

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Universal Serial Bus
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Catalog excerpts

We make the input devices that control the OEM products that operate the world. > Making User Interface Faster and Easier >

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Imagine adding as many peripheral devices as you wantto a PCall with one common connectorחwithout regard to placement. Imagine plugging-in full-motion video to your host. Imagine swapping peripheral devices at will without having to reboot the system.These are the major benefits of the Universal Serial Bus. The Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a PC industry standardof simplifying the user interface of peripheral devices to a host PC. Today, peripherals are connected to one of many ports on the back of a PC. Keyboards are connected to keyboard ports, mice to mouse ports, monitors and printers to...

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Because the enumeration process is continuous, the USBalso allows the user to add or remove devices without powering down the system, a process called hot swapping.Ӕ > enumeration > Host identifies deviceis attachedHost assigns uniqueaddress to deviceHost issues configurationto be used by deviceHost loads new firmwarefrom S/W fileHost beginsenumerationӔ againHost verifies newresources availableHost issues configurationto be used Device provides initialdevice descriptors Device disconnectsand reconnectsDevice provides updatedinformation to host renumeration Identifying and assigningan address to...

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