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Touch Screens - Touch Feedback Enhances Usability - 4 Pages

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Touch Screens - Touch Feedback Enhances Usability

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Key Advantages Creates the perception of touching physical buttons and switches Օ Works with a wide range of touch screen sizes and technologies Provides fast, tactile response synchronized with sound and graphics Օ Enhances usability, particularly for noisy or distracting environments Helps improve user performance, productivity, and safety Օ Programmability can be used to further enhance usability Diminishes the effects of device complexity Օ Generates performance and differentiation advantages TouchSense > Technology for Touch Screens The process of authentication or the fundamental skills of communicating and learning can be enhanced with a touch screen that provides tactile feedback. Devices that provide synchronized sound and graphics upon touch are more intuitive, personal and satisfying. Now the predictive sensation of touch and response can be applied to touch screens to heighten interaction and usability. >

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TouchSense proprietary technology causes the touch screento vibrate, creating the perception of pressing physicalswitches, emulating crisp qualities and particular force andpush-away characteristics. Based on software or firmwareprogramming, touching different virtual objects on thescreen produces the desired, context-sensitive feel for users. Programmability Enhances Productivity The programmability of TouchSense technology can beused to further enhance usability, particularly for noisy or distracting environments. For example, pressing the Enterbutton, no matter where it appears on the...

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Greater Usability Across All Applications Because touch screens are already effective at integrating input and display functionality, increasing perceived qualityand user satisfaction requires new technology. Using touchfeedback, touch screens for kiosk and point-of-sale (POS) applications can provide more definitive transactional confirmations, which can improve customer satisfactionand reduce staffing requirements. With touch screens thattouch back, any application can become more interactive and personal. Connecting with users sense of touch attractsthem in a way that sight and sound...

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ҩ 2005 Esterline Corporation. All rights reserved. Trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners.Right reserved to make changes to information described herein without prior notice. Advanced Input Systems is a licensed OEM integrator of TouchSense > technology by Immersion > ή . >

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