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Sealed Input Device - 6 Pages

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Sealed Input Device

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All materials are permeable to some degree. Sealing, there-fore, as defined by Advanced Input Systems is to prevent the egress into an enclosure or layers of a keypad by moisture,liquids, chemicals, or particles.Nothing you can do will prolong the life of your input devicemore than the proper sealing solution by the above definition.Primary considerations are the environment in which the device will operate and the design of the product itself. Ourcommand of manufacturing, design, material, and technologyproduces input devices for the most difficult sealing applications. An understanding of...

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high temperature load retention, low temperature flexibil-ity, thermal conductivity, electrical characteristics, andcoefficient of thermal expansion. Low outgassing andgood resistance to many chemicals and solvents are themost common considerations when qualifying material forgasketing and sealing applications.Most sealing or permeability tests use the same basictechnique. The purpose is to measure the total quantity of fluid lost over the face and through the body of thegasket. Leakage rate is the quantity of fluid passingthrough the body and/or over the face of a gasket over a specified...

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