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Projected Capacitive Panel - 2 Pages

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Projected Capacitive Panel

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Projected Capacitive Panels • Point of sale systems • Industrial controls • Public information kiosks • Handheld devices • Gaming consoles • Medical consoles Features and Benefits • Capable of high-resolution measurements • No moving parts • Easy to clean • Use outdoors - in rain, snow, ice and dust • Use with bare hands or gloves • Graphics can be printed on the rear surface - nearly indestructible graphic • Works if glass is scratched or broken C a p a cit iv e t ouc h solut ions p rov ide flex ibilit y Projected capacitive technology is one of many available touch sensing methods used to provide human interface to machine controls. Capacitive sensors are noncontact devices capable of high-resolution measurement of the position and/or change of position of any conductive target. The electrical current passing from the finger to the machine activates capacitive coupling between the finger and the switch on the plane below. So what’s so great about capacitive glass panels? Esterline Interface Technologies provides complete control panel solutions using many front surface materials. One common example is the use of tempered glass. When rear printed graphics are combined with capacitive sensors, a glass panel produces an extremely attractive and functional human interface device. Glass fronted control panels incorporating projected capacitive sensors: have no moving parts • are easy to clean • are resistant to most chemicals • can be tempered to improve strength • can be used outdoors • can be used with bare hands or gloves • can be decorated and illuminated • will work even if the glass is scratched or cracked Esterline Interface Technologies is an integrator of a wide range of control technologies including customized capacitive control solutions. Contact us and take advantage of over thirty years of user interface design and manufacturing expertise! Approved for public release Featuring PROJ

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ELECTRICAL Power Response MECHANICAL Switch life Glass thickness Stylus type Operation force Sealing Lighting ENVIRONMENTAL No moving parts to wear out Typically 3mm (alternatives to glass available) Finger or gloved hand Tunable to zero force based on sensor settings Can be sealed to NEMA 4 and/or IP65 standards Backlighting of keys available via LEDs Operating temperature Humidity Storage temperature Water resistance -35°C to +75°C RH 0 to 90% up to 40°C -40°C to +85°C Unaffected by water droplets or condensation ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY EMC Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) immunity CE,...

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