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Programmable Touch Feedback - 6 Pages

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Programmable Touch Feedback
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Catalog excerpts

TouchSense > programmable rotary modules fill the void betweenwords / pictures and sound / motion to enable a flexible, intelligent design solution for todayΒs user interface: An alternative to mechanical switches, encoders, and othertypes of electromechanical input devices Օ Configurable to supply users with touch feedback appropriatefor the context of operation Controls can be consolidated to save space, minimize clutter,and improve aesthetics Օ A wide selection of available tactile effects in the same actuator Provides enhanced productivity, ease of use, ergonomics,and user satisfaction >

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TouchSense Programmable Rotary Modules enable a flexible,intelligent design solution for todays user interfaceҗand an alternative to mechanical switches, encoders, and other types of electromechanical input devices. These modules can be configured to supply users with touch feedback appropriate for the context of operation. With a wide selection of tactile or haptic effects detents, barriers, vibrations, or other sensationsחdesigners can leverage the under-used sense of touch. The multimodal combination of touch, sight, and sound in user controls can enhance productivity, ease of use, safety,...

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In combination with sight and sound, tactile feedback provides confirming response for a satisfying, congruent, multimodal experience. When users can also rely on their sense of touch, they perform tasks faster, more precisely, and with greater confidence. Moreover, tactile cues may reduce dependence on sight for some applications.Unlike purely mechanical switches, encoders, and other control devices,TouchSense modules provide a two-way channel of communication. The modules supply a position input to the system and function as touch feedback output devices, (see Runtime illustration below). You...

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Advanced Input Systems TouchSense programmable rotary modules enable a flexible, intelligent design solution for todayҒs user interface. Control Rooms Noisy or distracting environments can limit user productivity or accuracy. Tactile feedback can offset distractions by providing you with unmistakable confirmation and warning signals. > applications Audio/Video TouchSense modules provide intuitive and precise control for more productive operation of complex controls. They can also help you reduce clutter and improve aesthetics by consolidating multiple controls into one. Medical TouchSense modules...

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Detent Notches associated with selection positionUsed to mark fine or coarse increments or selections, detentscan be customized in size, shape, and number to suit context- sensitive requirements. > EFFECT 1 Barrier ֖ Sensation of hitting a hard stopBarrier effects restrict the users motion, and are useful forindicating first and last items, minimum and maximum, or the edge of an area. Range of rotation is programmable. > EFFECT 2 Hill Җ A plateau style of wide detentA hill effect could be used for menu wraparound, letting theuser know they have moved from last to first menu item. A hill can also...

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Unit of MeasureBrakeMotorParameter Metric (English) ActuatorActuatorHybridType of Actuator Torque Maximum Peak Torque mNm (oz-in) 100 (14.16) 65 (9.20) 120 (17.00) (room temperature) Maximum Frictional TorquemNm (oz-in) 7 (1.0) 37 (0.42֖1.0)7 (1.0) Type of Actuator brake motor brake + motor Electrical and Communications DC Supply Voltage V 5 12 16 12 ֖ 16 Max System Current A 0.5 2.25 (at 12V) 1.50 (at 12V) Max Power Consumption W 2.5 27 18 Standby Current mA 50 50 50 Typical Bus Interface 5V UART > 1 USB > 2 USB > 2 RS-232 RS-232CAN CAN Operating Temperature Operating Temperature C (Fں) -20 to...

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