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Membrane Switches - 4 Pages

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Membrane Switches

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Posi-Tac II: This construction performs well in situationswhere abuse, harsh environmental conditions and errantelectrical charges are inherent. Poly-Tac II: A hybrid switch construction providing tactileresponse through a custom embossed overlay. Cost-effective in applications with highly populated key arrays or insmaller keypads with significant volume requirements. Uni-Tac: A highly cost-effective and proven construction,but with limited tactile applications. Poly-Tac I: A popular and sometimes cost-effectivealternative to stainless steel dome construction. PushGate > : A unique pushbutton switch that combines the > advantages of discrete mechanical and flat panel membrane switches with a host of other benefits, making it ideal fornext-generation products. >

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TechnologyDescription Traditional Non-Tactile: This construction performs well insituations where abuse, harsh environmental conditions and errant electrical charges are inherent. Uni-Layer: This construction provides the lowest costsolution in membrane switch technology. By consolidatingall of the trace work onto a single membrane layer, all ofthe traces can be terminated via single wiper ZIF orfriction-fit connection. >

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TechnologyDescription Non-Tactile: A PCB integrated construction offers anefficient design for most Non-Tactile keypad programs, regardless of the key density. In addition to offering moretrace routing capability the PCB can incorporate passiveand active components, plus act as a rigid backer. Tactile: Like Non-Tactile, a PCB integrated constructionoffers an efficient design for most Tactile keypad programs,regardless of the key density. However, the Tactile construc-tion also provides lower electrical resistancein addition to offering more trace routing capability, incorporation of passive...

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