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Membrane Switches - 2 Pages

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Membrane Switches

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Membrane Switches • • • • Medical Industrial Commercial Beverage and Food • Command and Control Ve r s a t i l e, L o w C o s t, R el i ab le Membrane switches are a versatile, low cost, and reliable technology that offers developers of human machine interface solutions an alternative to bulky mechanical switches. Due to advancements in conductive and light producing inks, graphic inks and material technology options, membrane switches can replace more expensive technologies such as copper etch circuits, printed circuit boards and clear conductive materials. Membrane switches are thin, environmentally sealed, and robust as well as assembly friendly. Features and Benets • Cost effective • Switch legend decorating • Embossed overlay • Colorful graphic overlay • Embedded LED’s • Easy to clean • Special coatings to enhance durability • Chemical resistant • High-actuation life • Tactile and non-tactile • Sealabililty • Low-prole keys • Multiple key sizes and shapes • Low cost solution • Backlighting available Tactile feedback in a membrane switch is actually an enhancement, which provides the user feedback when they press the key location. Typically the switch consists of a top and bottom layer of polyester with a tactile actuator that when pressed momentarily completes the circuit while providing the user a degree of response based on the switch’s construction. Non-tactile membrane switches rely on a sensory response other than tactile touch, such as an audio or visual stimuli that alerts the user to switch closure. Non-tactile switches perform well in abusive environments and are more conducive in applications were large, hidden or irregular shaped keys are a requirement Printed circuit board switches are typical utilized in two situations: 1. Where there are trace routing limitations with traditional membrane switches, or 2. The customer would like to utilize the PCB as a rigid backer that can also be populated with active an passive components Featuring ADVANCED INPUT, GAMESMAN, LRE MEDICAL, and MEMTRON Products Typical Applications

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Featuring ADVANCED INPUT, GAMESMAN, LRE MEDICAL, and MEMTRON Products ELECTRICAL Operating Current Operating Voltage Resistance with graphite Operating circuit resistance for circuit boards Contact resistance Circuit resistance Contact conguration, normally open momentary contact Contact Bounce, milliseconds 30mA Maximum 30V Maximum 200 to 500 <100 <100 with silver shorting pads <200 to 300 with carbon pills <10 <100 ( depends on size / conguration of circuits) SPST (DPST available non-tactile) <10 with stainless steel domes MECHANICAL Life expectancy, cycles Actuation force (typical range)...

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