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Medigenic Compliance 101-104 key

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Infection Control Begins at the Entry Level Medigenic Alert System Indicator will flash at defined intervals to promote good infection-control practices in any medical environment. Cleaning the keyboard turns off indicator. High-Speed Data Entry Capability Backlit Keys Keyboard is usable in low-light environments to accommodate data-input accuracy and reduce patient disturbance.Օ Immediate tactile feedback enables users to touch-type with excellent tactile key response to quickly document care. > Compliance Keyboard Highlights Strong arguments for improved infection-control methodology are evident where computer keyboards collect biological contaminants and require attention to main- tain disinfection. The Medigenic Օ Sanitize in Seconds Flat keyboard design quickly wipes clean with hospital-grade disinfectants. Moisture-resistant surface is comprised of a pliant silicone-based material making it impervious to spray or liquid cleaning products. > ծ Compliance infection-control keyboard: 1) Uniquely helps monitor its own cleaning status to safeguard both patient and staff; 2) Features a flat design to enable quick wipe downs with hospital-grade disinfectants; 3) Provides standard conventional keyboard tactile feedback for high-speed data entry capability. Disinfection without Disconnection Single disable key to eliminate disconnection while cleaning. > Features Benefits Flat keyboard designNo raised surfaces Sealed to IP65 standardTime-based cleaning alert indicator. User-adjustable via PC utility software.Backlit keysExcellent tactile key response with medium key travelClean in placeSurface is comprised of pliant silicon- based materialConfigurable for multiple keyboard angle positioningSingle keystroke disables keyboard during cleaningAbrasion resistant keyboard legend overcoatUser removable and replaceable cover Unique 3-D legend graphicsMultiple keyboard layouts availableKeyboard interfaces USB or PS/2 adaptor with auto-sense control electronics for interface protocolsCompatible with Windows Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.5 x .8 inches Extends overall product life and investment. ֕ Facilitates ideal visual finger placement and suggests 3-dimensional keys. 104-key US or 105-key UK/Europe and 101-key US or 102-key UK/Europe versions are standard.Օ Simple connection for plug and play. Universal appeal. Dimensions: 18.2 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches patent-pending ծ XP and 2000 operating systems Easy to clean with readily available hospi-tal-grade antibacterial wipes and sprays.Օ Increases patient and staff safety. Reduces keyboard cross-contamination. Օ No covers to constantly dispose of and replace. Ideal choice for OR and IC applications.Օ Keyboard can be thoroughly cleaned without immersion, in place, in seconds. No nooks and crannies between keys for bacteria to hide.Օ Can be rinsed under a faucet as neccessary. Impervious to liquid cleaning products.Օ Flashing light reminds user to clean keyboard at regularly timed intervals. Cleaning the keyboard turns off indicator. Օ Promotes good hospital hygiene practices. Preferred by clinicians to help monitor quality of care.Օ Alert may be customized via download-able software. Useful in low light or dark work areas. Օ Capable of high-speed data entry. No cover to interfere with typing.Օ Disinfection without disconnection. Maintain computer connectivity. No need to take keyboard off-site for cleaning.Օ Hypoallergenic and latex-free. Reduces the potential for wrist strain and provides for user comfort.Օ Eliminates unwanted key entry and lengthy shutdown. Long legend life despite cleaning and heavy usage.Օ Advanced Input Systems 1089 AISIC Keyboard Datasheet DRAFT V2 Revision 2/8/08 size="-3">

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