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Mechanical Switches - 2 Pages

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Mechanical Switches

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Mechanical Switches • Typical Applications • Medical • Industrial • Commercial • Point-of-Sale • Banking • Desktop Features and Benefits • Customize to user requirements • Ergonomic • Durable • Easy to Clean • Semi-harsh to harsh environments • Tight packaging • Backlighting available • Multiple switch technologies • User friendly designs • Rubber, plastic or metal construction • Sealabililty High Quality, Durable, Ergonomic Mechanical-switch keyboards use real switches underneath every key. Depending on the construction of the switch, such keyboards have varying response and travel times. In most cases the key is actuated halfway through the key travel distance. This means that as a touch typist, you need not press keys fully down, reducing the constant jarring action on your fingertips and unnecessary muscle action. In addition, keys often offer increasing resistance after the keystroke is generated, encouraging you to release and move on to the next keystroke. Finally, keys snap back to ready position quicker, allowing for faster typing speeds. All these features mean that there are typically both audible (clicks) and tactile (feel) feedback when you have successfully actuated a keystroke. Technology Low-Travel Keyboards are particularly popular and reliable in environments where instrumentation needs to be highly visible, cleanable and impervious to surrounding elements. Typically used for cleanable applications where actuation force can be high and switches should not be hit accidentally. Can be tactile or non-tactile. Flat Panel keyboards are not suitable for high speed data entry Mid-Travel keyboards are designed for harsh environments. Keyboards are available in plastic, rubber, or metal depending on the application, look, and feel desired. Mid-Travel keyboards are typically sealed and water resistant. Typically used in console applications where moderate force is required. Mid-Travel keyboards are not suitable for high speed data entry. Full Travel Full-Travel keyboards are optimized for maximum life and efficiency. Low in profile and ergonomically designed, these keyboards are designed for quick response and high speed data entry. These keyboards are constructed with heavy duty switch technologies for longer life. They are typically used where optimum comfort and low actuation force is required. Full-Travel keyboards are designed for high speed data entry.

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