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Laser-Marking Technology - 6 Pages

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Laser-Marking Technology

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Laser marking is state-of-the-art technology, which permanentlyapplies computer-generated text, graphics, and machine- readable code on many materialsmost notably metal, plastic,and elastomeric materials. A laser mark gives your inputdevice a sharp and progressive look in todayגs demanding, competitive marketplace.Compared with older marking technologies, laser markingdelivers a powerful combination of reduced operating costsand high throughput under complete computer control.Indelibly laser mark your input device with custom graphics,legends, logos, and labels.There are three primary...

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Engraving is a mark where material is ablated or meltedand recast to create depth in the material. Metals, ceramics,and certain types of plastics can be engraved with thelaser. The power density of the laser beam is so intense that the material partially vaporizes, developing a colorlessimpression in the material. Oxides may develop in theengraving causing the mark to be more visible. Materialremoval almost always results in debris produced, whichcan be beneficial in creating contrast or detrimental byobscuring the readability and appearance of the mark ordepositing unacceptable debris on...

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We make the input devices that control the OEM products that operate the world. > (mainly used in plastics) >

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Lower cost.Օ Increased production speed and throughput. Greatly reduced tooling setup. Օ Total flexibilityrapid, easy changes since the processis software driven.ו No direct contact between tool and article. No deformation of the product. Օ No chemical change to the product. No excessive heat or force on the product. Օ No additional processing needed after marking. Easy marking of unusual shaped keys and keyboards. Օ More accurate marks than standard sublimationtechnology. Elimination of LTP paper and LTP film required forsublimation printing.Օ Perfect technology for high-mix, low...

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