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HapticTouch Technology

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to FEEL is to Believe HapticTouch™ Surface Actuation System HapticTouch™ Surface Actuation System Typical Applications „X Medical equipment „X Keyboards „X Aerospace & Defense controls „X Industrial controls „X Gaming systems „X Point of sale terminals „X Self service kiosks „X Handheld devices „X Touch panels & pads „X Vehicle interiors Haptic feedback is intended to make up for the absence of tactile feedback from an entirely smooth touch surface. With haptic feedback, you can see, hear, and FEEL what you are touching. This feedback improves performance, reduces errors, decreases mental workload, and enhances the user experience. As a licensed OEM integrator of the HapticTouch™ Surface Actuation System by Pacinian, Esterline Interface Technologies can give your input device distinct character. Pacinian’s HapticTouch technology provides realistic feedback, so everyone from texters to operators of medical test equipment can feel that they’ve hit the right key. HapticTouch uses two conductive materials that are charged and separated by a thin layer of air. When the touch surface is pressed, the charged layers pull together, causing the touch layer to actuate. This creates a feeling of a button depressing, even when there is no button. HapticTouch can also use vibration to provide feedback, and both methods can be adjusted to the user’s specifi cations. Not only is this the thinnest haptic design available on the market today, it is scalable to fi t a wide range of applications, form factors, and surface types. Features and Benefi ts „X Thin - heights less than 1mm „X Reliable „X High fi delity „X Scalable „X Ease of integration „X Power effi cient „X Confi gurable & customizable „X Alerts for invalid entries „X Variations in frequency or magnitude to represent different objects being controlled When off-the-shelf won’t do...

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HapticTouch™ Surface Actuation System 600 W. Wilbur Avenue Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 © Copyright 2011 Esterline Corporation. All rights reserved. Trademarks and trade names are property of their representative owners. Right reserved to make changes to products and services described herein without prior notice. Revision B.01 2011-02 Attraction Forces Springs Upper conductive layer Side View Dielectric material with lower conductive layer 0.5mm to 2.0 mm Esterline and Pacinian provide Haptic (tactile) feedback integration to touch devices. „X Two...

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