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HALT + HASS Testing - 6 Pages

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HALT + HASS Testing

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HALT It is amazing how some products hold up in the real world. Used over and over again they validate their purchase price by providing reliable service over the test of time. Maybe you have felt the heat of summer expended into the interior of your car on a hot day and watched the worst of the snowy winter work on the exterior of the same automobileҗyet thatcar still looks reasonably new; as if not affected. In reverse,it is such a disappointment when purchases tend to deteriorate much faster than they should. For most of us the operation of the failed device was under normal use and not...

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HASS differs from HALT in that it is a screening of theactual products being produced through manufacturing using a less stressful level of stimuli. We are not trying tobreak the product in this case but verify that the designis rugged enough to meet the actual specification limitsagreed on by ourselves and our customer. In this testinga device, or several, are pulled out of production and runthrough a series of tests that simulate the highest possiblestresses that the product will seeoften times exceedingthe operational limits called out on the specification. Using the concept of time...

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We make the input devices that control the OEM products that operate the world. Certain processes reveal defects more regularly than others. For instance notice below how important the vibrationprocess is as an aspect of the overall testing. As referenced, HALT failures are discovered by percentage as follows: Rapid Temperature Transitions > (4%) High Temperature Extreme > (17%) Low Temperature Extreme > (14%) Vibration (6 DoF) > (45%) Combined Vibration with Rapid Temperature Transitions > (20%) How has the process worked? In companies that use the HALT / HASS process, published studies...

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Advanced Input Systems Takes the Risk Out of the Future by Testing Today If you need this early success in new productsis it a risk to use a supplier that doesnגt incorporate this testing in their product development? Is this a risk that you have to take? How do we know that our products are robust enough meet the conditions that they are expected to operate in? Is the customer or consumer expected to take this risk?Advanced Input Systems is committed to the purpose of testingdesigns up front in the development process. Not only has it led to the increased reliability of products for our...

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