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Flex Circuits

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Flex Circuits Make your electronic interconnection both simpler and more reliable with tight tolerance, fine-line circuits Flex circuits can be developed using polyester or polyimide (Kapton) as the base material, depending on your interface requirements. from simple single layer copper ex on polyester to complex double sided or multilayer on polyimide, Esterline Interface Technologies rapidly provides customers with application specic solutions. Looking for a ex circuit that is both ridged and exible? Rigid-Flex circuits can be produced to reduce interconnects and to incorporate tails directly into the circuit. Description Polyester Base Single Sided Flex Circuits offer tight trace routing capabilities, as well as electrical resistance values lower than traditional membrane switches since they utilize copper conductors much like a printed circuit board. Polyimide Base Single-Sided Flex Circuits offer tight trace routing capabilities, lower electrical resistance, and the component mounting attributes of a rigid printed circuit board, as well as the exibility of a membrane switch. Polyimide Based Double-Sided and Multi-Sided Flex Circuits offer the complex trace routing capability and component mounting functionality of a double-sided or multi-sided rigid printed circuit board, along with the exibility of a membrane switch. Flex Circuit Versatility ranges from simple custom interconnects to the complex current carrying element of the OEM input device, due to their trace routing capabilities and malleable nature. Featuring Advanced Input, Memtron, and LRE Medical Products Flex circuits offer OEM customers several options because they have: 1) trace routing, current carrying capabilities, and SMT component populating options of a FR4 printed circuit board, and 2) the exibility of a membrane switch.

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Featuring Advanced Input, Memtron, and LRE Medical Products FLEX CIRCUITS Single Side Flex Double Side Flex SMD Components UL E156389 and E200944 TRACE WIDTH 0.25 mm, minimum 0.10 mm 0.50 mm, minimum 0.20 mm 0.10 mm Standard line width Standard trace pitch Minimum space between circuits PLATING Tin - lead Nickel Gold COMPONENT ASSEMBLY Connector crimping Soldering of components BASE MATERIAL Polyimide: standard thickness Polyester: standard thickness Conductor: laminated ED copper or RA copper Coverlay: polyimide, polyester or solder mask thickness 1 mil 2 mil and ½ mil available 3 mil 1...

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