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Elastomeric Keypads - 2 Pages

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Elastomeric Keypads

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(Interface Technologies Elastomeric Keypads Typical Applications ► Telephone • Remote control • Office machines • Calculator • Computer • Instruments • Automotive • Radio alternativ polyester Relatively feedbac silicon rubber keypads) e look and feel to traditional or polycarbonate graphics. inexpensive and very reliable, g operati ctile feed onal life and back. stomers, because they lded to b mless bon Elastome nd to plas between the can also be designe Features and Benefits • In house engineering design • Quick turn prototypes • On and off shore tooling • Internal molding for prototypes and low volume • Environmental coatings for durability and chemical resistance • Laser etching, silk screen and pad printing, insert molded, flow molded • Backlighting • Unique adhesion solutions Featuring Advanced Input, Memtron, and LRE Medical Products mbly of a user mless sealed solution Technologies molds elastomers by nd the liquid injection around the electronic asse terface to provide a sea Esterline Interface using the compression process molding (LIM) process. A number of enhancement and functionality opportunities exist - from legending and backlighting treatments to design shape, height, and texture options. Esterline Interface Technologies also provides a variety of abrasion resistant coatings and treatments to insure long life without noticeable wear. Elastomeric Silicone Rubber Keypads easily interface with membrane switches, printed circuit boards and flex circuits utilizing polyester domes, stainless steel domes, carbon pills, or non-tactile constructions. Carbon Pill Elastomers integrate the electrical contact circuit into the rubber keypad that interfaces directly with a polyester, polyimide, or printed circuit board lower circuit. Abrasion Resistant Coatings and Treatments are available in many varieties and can be applied to the surface of elastomers to insure long life without noticeable wear. Design Shape, Height, and Texture options are available with elastomeric keypads, offering the OEM customer several choices to enhance the look of the input device. Legending and Backlighting Techniques in a variety of treatments are available, including screen printing and laser etching.

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to Featuring Advanced Input, Memtron, and LRE Medical Products f interface Technologies Americas Headquarters Typical Dimensional Tolerances Dimension (mm) Tolerance (+/-) 0.0 - 10.0    0.10    mm Typical Actuation Tolerances Force (grams) Tolerance (+/-) BASIC CONSTRUCTION OF SILICONE RUBBER KEYPAD Type Stroke range 0.5-3.0 mm Life Cycle (x10)    500-2,000 -ranklin Street muth, MI 487: -2656 Asia Caohejing High Tech Pari Block 87 Quin Zhou Bei Road China © Copyright 2011 Esterline Corporation. All rights reserved. Trademarks...

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