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ESCHA General catalogue - 6 / 82 Pages

Comprehensive Information on Connectors Special user information The respective requirements of machinery specifications are binding for the user with connector applications. All ESCHA-connectors are designed and made according to DINVDE0627 (new EN61984). The relevant standards and specifications according to which our products are made and tested are explained in the following. DINVDE0627; June 1986, Connectors and Connecting Devices This standard has been under revision for a long time and will soon be internationally valid. The standard is valid for connectors and connecting devices with rated voltages up to 1000V ~ or 1500V and rated currents
up to 125A per contact intended for connecting assemblies or components in or on machinery or measuring-, instrumentation- or control circuits considering safety aspects. It is also valid for connectors and connecting devices on household appliances as well as information-processing units. IEC 60664-1; November 1992, Coordination of Isolation This international standard, which complies with the German standard DINVDE0110 -1, April97 edition, is a basic safety standard for achieving the coordination of isolation. It contains the required data to determine
air distances, creep distances and solid insulations for electrical devices (e.g. connectors). This is realised con-
sidering the micro-ambient conditions and other loads they are exposed to in the course of the expected service life. Processes for the voltage test related to the coordination of isolation are included. IEC60512; May 1994, Measuring- and Testing-Process This international standard corresponds to the European standard DINEN60512 and has replaced the previous German standard DIN41640. It determines the measuring- and testing-processes for electromechanical com-
ponents (e.g. connectors). The standard is very comprehensive and consists of 9 sections in total in which all electrical, mechanical and climatic tests are described. In addition, the standard contains tests on soldering
ability, density, shielding and cable pull-out support. IEC60529; November 1992, Degrees of Protection by Housing (IP-Code) This international standard corresponds to the European standard DIN EN 60529 and complies with the German standard DINVDE0470 -1, November92 edition. It determines the designation, requirements and tests for the classification of protection degrees by housings for electrical devices (e.g. connectors). Thereby, protection against access to dangerous parts, protection against solid foreign bodies and protection against water are evaluated. The degree of protection is designated by an IP-code. IEC60068-1; March 1995, Environmental Tests This international standard which complies with the European standard DINEN60068 -1, contains basic determinations on environmental tests and degree of test-precision. This testing process serves to trace the resistivity of components to expected environmental influences under operating conditions. Typical tests are: coldness, dry and humid heat, shock, vibration, temperature fluctuation and others. >

ESCHA General catalogue
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    ESCHAAbout us ESCHA has stood for quality and highest competence in the field of connectivity and enclosure technology for more than 25years.Our production...
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    ESCHA products are worldwide available at our partner and representations. Argentinia | Australia | Austria | Bahrain Barbados | Belarus | Belgium | Bosnia...
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    Customer-Service-Center Phone: +49 2353 708 - 800Fax: +49 2353 708 - 410 >The contact details of all our sales partners are available at www.escha.de...
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    Train By journey with train we advise Hagen as destination station. This station is integrated into the ICE route system. When will you visit us? Car via...
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    Technical information General user information 1.6 1.7Protection class 1.8 ֖ 1.9Overview PG-thread to metrical thread 1.10Coding of M12x1 Round...
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    Supplementary information to the technical data stated in the catalogue Characteristic Standard >1) Note Protection degree housing IEC60529 Data in...
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    Degrees of Protection For reasons of safety, connectors must be protected against environmental influences, e.g. dust, foreign bo- dies, touch, humidity...
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    Digit 2 0 Unprotected 1 Protected against dripping water 2 Protected against dripping water when housing is inclined up to 15 3 Protected against spraying...
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    Overview PG-thread vs. Metric thread The interim period for DIN46320 screwing for cables and conducting lines with PG-threadĔ expired on 31.12.1999....
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    Shielding EMC of devices has gained more significance since the publication of the law on electromagnetic compatibility. The devices have to be made in...
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