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S-PRO 4000

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Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay Product Overview The S-PRO sub-harmonic protection relay protects generators, wind turbines, and SVC equipment from uncontrollable subharmonics which cause: • Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interaction (SSTI) • Sub-Synchronous Control Interaction (SSCI) and • Ferro-resonance The S-PRO monitors potentially harmful Sub-Synchronous Oscillation (SSO) in real time & detects Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR) in transmission lines with power controller interactions such as FACTS or HVDC lines, particularly those lines with series compensation and interconnected with wind farms. The easy-to-use S-PRO also provides control, automation, metering, monitoring, fault oscillography, dynamic swing recording and event logging with advanced communications. Protect against sustained sub-harmonics in wind farm operations Un-damped sub-harmonic current oscillations created by series capacitors interacting with the wind system can cause serious damage to wind turbine controllers and also to conventional generators. The wind turbine’s own mechanical system interactions (tower-to-blade) can also generate sub-harmonics, which are detrimental to induction generators and transformers, and may cause resonance at the point of common coupling in the electrical grid. The S-PRO relay detects these sub-harmonic oscillations and allows the utility to monitor and protect the power system by isolating the healthy grid from sub-harmonic generation sources. 10 Year WARRANTY www.erlphas

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Protection & Control • Real time processing of voltage and current signals • Operating speed from 200 - 450 ms • Sub-Harmonic Detector Frequency range - 5 - 55 Hz (60 Hz system) - 5 - 45 Hz (50 Hz system) - detection resolution of 0.2 Hz • 2 sub-harmonic detectors for each 3-phase analog quantities each capable of alarming or tripping • IEEE devices 59, 27 and 50LS protection at <1.5 cycles of fundamental frequency • 2nd and 5th Harmonic Blocking for reliable operation under inrush conditions • Sub-harmonic measurements communications via 61850 GOOSE, DNP 3 and Modbus • ProLogic™...

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Flexible Communications • 2 rear ports, 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300 nm multimode optical with ST style connector • Ethernet ports with 2 unique MAC addresses that easily accommodate network access security needs • Front panel USB and 100BASE-TX RJ-45 Ethernet port interfaces • Serial communication port • Optional internal modem Substation Automation - Ethernet Ready • Sub-harmonic measurements communications via 61850 GOOSE, DNP 3 and Modbus • Reduce substation automation cost through IEC 61850 protocol • Enhanced DNP3 SCADA communication protocol including user-selectable point...

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Best in Class Human-Machine Interface Large LCD display, allows for better metering display Navigation controls allow for an easy experience through settings, maintenance, service and view menus New faster processor and hardware platform Programmable target LEDs provide tripping information to expedite response to system events Unique front panel USB and Ethernet ports provide easy and fast access to settings and set up Rear optical ports ready for Ethernet connectivity Protection & Control Function Diagram Bus 2 Sub-Harmonic Current Detector Sub-Harmonic Current Detector Sub-Harmonic...

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Detailed SpecificationsS-PRO 4000: Model 4001 Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay for Transmission Systems Item General Overvoltage Category Pollution Degree Insulation Class Quantity/Specs Overvoltage Category III Pollution Degree 2 Class I Ingress Protection Contact factory for IP50 on front panel Nominal Frequency Operate Time for Normal Protection Functions (50LS, 27, 59) Power Supply Less than 1.5 cycles Including output relay operation Memory Protection Functions IEEE Dev. 59, 27, 50LS Sub-harmonic detectors (2 voltages, 4 currents and 4 current summations) ProLogic Group...

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S-PRO 4000: Model 4001 Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay for Transmission Systems Item    Quantity/Specs    Notes Amplitude measurement accuracy Analog Sampling Rate External Inputs +/-0.5% for 54 to 66 Hz (60 Hz nominal) +/-0.5% for 44 to 56 Hz (50 Hz nominal) 96 samples/cycle for recording 8 samples/cycle for protection 9 isolated inputs (3U chassis) The 220/250 Vdc option is not available if CE compliance is required. Isolation    2 KV optical isolation External Input Turn-on Voltage 48 Vdc range = 27 to 40 Vdc 125 Vdc = 75 to 100 Vdc 250 Vdc = 150 to 200 Vdc, 60% to 80% of nominal Output...

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S-PRO 4000: Model 4001 Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay for Transmission Systems Item    Quantity/Specs    Notes Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C for 16 hours -40°C to 70°C continuous Humidity Insulation Test (Hi-Pot) Electrical Fast Transient Up to 95% without condensation Power supply, analog inputs, external inputs, output contacts at 2.0 kV, 50/60 Hz, 1 minute Tested to level 4 - 4.0 kV 2.5/5 kHz on Power and I/O lines Oscillatory Transient    Test level = 2.5 kV RFI Susceptibility    10 V/m modulated, 35 V/unmodulated Conducted RF Immunity Shock and Bump Sinusoidal Vibration...

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S-PRO 4000 Model 4001 Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay for Transmission Systems Description Type Test RF emissions Conducted emissions RF emissions Conducted emissions Power line harmonics Test Points Enclosure ports ac/dc power ports Enclosure ports ac/dc power ports ac power port Power line fluctuations dc power port ac power port dc power port Enclosure contact Enclosure air Enclosure contact Enclosure air Enclosure ports Radiated RFI Burst (fast transient) Power frequency Magnetic field Enclosure ports Signal ports ac power port dc power Port Earth ground ports Communication ports Signal...

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