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Wet Drum Separators - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

For automatic, continuous recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon in heavy media operations and concentration of ferrous and weakly magnetic ores. ® …Only from Eriez. MMPB-470M Heavy Media and Concentration Models Wet Drum Separators SETTING INDUSTRY STANDARDS The newest advances in magnetic circuitry design, plus over a quarter of a century of experience with solid/liquid separation, are combined in Eriez Wet Magnetic Drum Separators. FEATURES • Strongest, most effective magnetic elements in the industry • Stainless steel encapsulated magnetic element • One piece stainless steel drum shell • Abrasion–resistant aluminum or stainless steel end flanges • Double–row self–aligning ball bearings easily accessible without drum disassembly • Accurate drum positioning at factory eliminates field adjustments • Modular tank for easy installation • Full width overflow weirs • High volume input • Low initial cost • Now available with high energy rare earth magnets

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2 ERIEZ WET DRUM MAGNETIC SEPARATORS Innovations in both magnetic circuit design and materials of construction are applied to Eriez wet drum magnetic separators. This results in maximum magnetite recovery while operating with a minimum amount of wear and maintenance. Refinements in the magnetic circuit, tank design, and drive system have resulted in further improvements in metallurgical performance and operation. The magnetic element is the most important feature of a wet drum separator. Although there are several variables influencing magnetic separation, the magnetic field configuration is indisputably...

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3 ® There are various drive options available. Drive systems include chain and sprocket, HTD (cog) belt, and shaft mounted direct. Motors are high efficiency. Mill and Chemical duty motors and Taconite seals are also available. The standard bearing is a double–row self–aligning ball bearing that is greasable during operation. All Eriez wet drum magnetic separators receive a complete inspection to evaluate magnetic field profile, mechanical integrity, and appearance. The separators undergo a “run–in” period to assure efficient operation of the drive system. In a wet drum separator, the magnetic...

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4 FEED MAGNETIC CONCENTRATE UNDERFLOW OVERFLOW FEED UNDERFLOW OVERFLOW MAGNETIC CONCENTRATE WET DRUMS FOR HEAVY MEDIA DUTY Wet drums in heavy media applications provide continuous recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon. Eriez has set the industry standards in the heavy media industry developing both the design criteria of the magnetic circuit and the benchmark of operation. The 750 gauss Interpole magnetic element, developed by Eriez, is the most acclaimed magnet of engineering standards in the industry. Eriez has also set the benchmark for wet drum performance. The culmination of various in–plant...

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5 ® ERIEZ SELF-LEVELING SEPARATOR The Eriez Self–Leveling wet drum magnetic separator represents the newest available technology. This separator combines the best engineering and operational features and provides excellent performance with ease of operation, inspection, and maintenance. Both the concurrent and the counter– rotation tank have a full width overflow that must be maintained during operation. A deviation in the overflow level may result in inefficiencies in the operation. A new Eriez development is the counter–rotation Self–Leveling tank style. This tank has several attributes that...

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6 WET DRUMS FOR CONCENTRATION DUTY Wet drum magnetic separators are the most vital part of the upgrading process in magnetite concentration. The upgrading of primary magnetite is always accomplished with wet drum separators. Mill feed is typically upgraded to 65+ percent magnetic iron using a series of wet drum magnetic separators. The number of magnetic separation stages required to upgrade the ore is dependent on the magnetite content and the liberation characteristics of the ore. The Eriez wet drum magnetic separator is engineered and fabricated to provide reliable operation in demanding applications....

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7 ® Cross-Section View - 48" Diameter Double Wet Drum Magnetic Separator with Counter-Current Tanks APPROXIMATE SHIPPING WEIGHT 33,600 LBS 15,240 KG DRUM AND MAGNET WEIGHT 11,200 LBS 5,080 KG TANK AND FRAME WEIGHT: 4,800LBS 2,177 KG GEARMOTOR WEIGHT: 800 LBS 363 KG

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ERIEZ ENGINEERING SERVICES Eriez provides Engineering Services to cover a wide range of functions, assistance and support. Specific engineering features related to the wet drum magnetic separators are as follows: • Design and equipment modifications incorporating specific features and options. The separator may incorporate various options and features applicable to the process. • Equipment layout and dimensional drawings. Modifications are common to fit an existing plant or provide specific operating characteristics. • Equipment selection, sizing, material balances, and predicted magnetite recovery....

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