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3 Main Features

1 PowerPC-based PCISA CPU board CPU PowerPC 750CX(e) 1 CPU PowerPC 750CX(e) (400-600 MHz) >
L1 cache (I/D) 32/32 KB 1 256 KB on-chip second level cache >
L2 cache 256 KB on-chip @ CPU clock 1 Up to 256 (512) MB SDRAM on SO-DIMM >
Bus speed 100 MHz 1 10/100 Mbps network interface (10BaseT / 100BaseTX) >
CPU speed 400..600 MHz 1 Two serial channels >
Altivec - 1 2 kB non-volatile RAM for process data 1 PCISA (PISA) format with PCI interface for up to 4 slots (4 with DMA) 1 BSP support for Elinos Embedded Linux, PxROS real-time for Linux applications, and OS-9 >

3 Technical Details

The BAB 911 is a PowerPC-based single board computer with a PCISA interface. The small format permits setting up compact industrial real-time systems. The board is based on the Motorola chip set MPC107, the reference for PowerPCs. Also, availability for longer periods than what is common in the PC market is guaranteed. >

3 Memory Configuration

The 64-bit wide memory allows configurations of up to 256 (512 when available) MBytes with 100 MHz SDRAMs in a single SO-DIMM module. The implementation in SO-DIMM has been selected due to the smaller size and thus shorter signals, compared to standard DIMM modules. Memory size is detected auto-matically. The second-level cache, due to its location in the CPU itself, runs with the full CPU clock. >


An up-to-date PowerPC CPU is supported: IBM's 750CXe, compatible to the PowerPC 750 at 400..600 MHz. The CPU has FPU, MMU, first level cache (32kB each for instruction and data) and a L2 cache (256 kB unified) on the chip. It contains dual integer units, that can operate in parallel for certain instructions; the floating point unit is optimized for fast single precision multiply-add operations. Performance is characterized by the SPECint numbers of 17.4 and SPECfp 11.7 for 400 MHz. The low power consumption of the CPU makes it possible to build systems withstanding high ambient temperatures with simple cooling. >

3 Chip Set

The chip set, a Motorola MPC 107, contains the SDRAM memory controller, the interrupt controller, and the PCI host bridge for 32-bit/33-MHz PCI. Additionally, it has logic to access an 8-bit ROM, it has timers, a DMA controller, and it generates clocks. >
PowerPC 750Cxe On-chip Cache 256 KB Main Memory SODIMM BIOS Flash EPROM ISA Peripharals 2* Serial Host Bridge MPC 107 PCI Connector Ethernet 10/100 Mb Interface PCI bus size="-2">

PowerPC 750-based PCI Real-time CPU Board
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    bab 911 PowerPC 750-based PCI Real-time CPU Board >Complies with ELTEC "Industrial Linux" Initiative 1 PCI/PCISA CPU board 1 PowerPC 750 CX 1 Passive...
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    bab 911 3 Boot PROM >Boot code is stored in a Flash EPROM (size 512 kB) which enables easy code updates.The current boot proms contains self test code,...
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