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905U Wireless I/O - 3 / 6 Pages

The wireless alternative to expensive wiring.
The 905U-2 module has six inputs which will accept 0-20/0-10/4-20 mA or 0-5V signals. The first four analog inputs have adjustable setpoints.
The 905U-3 module provides eight analog outputs with a range of 0-20mA or 0-5V. These outputs will reflect the same value as the analog input linked by the configuration program.
Analog Setpoints
High and low setpoints can be configured for the analog inputs to control a remote discrete output. The discrete output will set ("on") when the analog input value drops below the low setpoint and will reset ("off") when the analog value exceeds the high setpoint. The high and low setpoints can be the same value such that the discrete output sets and resets at the same setpoint value.
Pulse I/O
The 905U modules can be configured to count a pulse input and transmit the accumulated count to a remote module. At the destination module the pulse signal is recreated - the accumulated value is used to ensure that all input pulses are output accurately. The 905U can also transmit the pulse input rate as a separate analog value and the rate signal is output as an analog value at the destination module.
Pulse I/O will operate up to 100Hz. One pulse input (DI1) on the 905U-2 module will operate to 1000Hz, with a configurable 1/10 divider.
Fail-Safe Outputs
Discrete and analog outputs can be configured to individually reset if communications has failed to the module. The user can configure a "comms-fail" timeout - if no communications is received for this time period, the configured output will reset.
Security Encryption
The 905U uses high security data encryption and frequency encoding algorithms to protect against theft of wireless data (industrial espionage) or malicious wireless attack ("hacking").
Only other 905U modules with the correct security keys can understand the wireless messages.
Variety of I/O Configurations
There are four I/O versions available in the 905U and 105S modules. All modules in the ELPRO range use the same flexible and reliable operating protocol. Different I/O versions will operate together in the one system, and different 105S versions can connect to each 905U version.
Modules provide different combinations of the following I/O :
• discrete inputs for switch devices such as limit switches, level switches, security sensors, motor starters, pushbuttons
• analog inputs (mA or voltage) for connecting transducers which measure parameters such as level, flow, pressure, temperature, vibration
• discrete outputs (relay contacts or transistor) for controlling devices such as motor drives, indicating lights, alarms
• analog outputs (mA or voltage) for connection to meters or indicators to display measured parameters.
• pulse/counter inputs and outputs for transmitting totalization signals from flowmeters, energy meters etc.
Analog I/O
The 905U-1 module has two inputs which will accept 4-20mA analog signals. The first of these inputs has adjustable setpoints. The -1 module also has two 4-20mA outputs.
105S-1 905U-2
105S-2 905U-3
Radio Port
Serial Port
Digital inputs
4 - 16
Digital outputs
4 - 16
Analog inputs
Analog outputs
Pulse inputs
Pulse outputs
Pulse and digital I/O are same. The 105-4 has 4 fixed inputs and 4 fixed outputs and 12 which may be either input or output.
905U Wireless I/O
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    ELPRO 905 Wireless Solutions for Process Applications
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    The ELPRO 905U range of wireless I/O provides a low cost alternative to expensive signal wire installations, over short or long distances. Transducer...
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    ...Low cost, easy to use and secure! Industrial Automation WIB Networking Interfacing to Other Systems A 905U network can include 905U-G...
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    ELPRO 905U Wireless I/O can be repeated up to five times by intermediate repeater units, allowing very long radio paths to be achieved. Repeaters...
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    ISO9001 Certified
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