EL-O-MATIC - Pneumatic & Electric Actuator Product Guide - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SystemCompatible Products for Worldwide Flow Control >

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Introduction About El-O-Matic1 Electric/electronic products Pneumatic products Torques and technical data ELQ Electric actuators12 BUS-communication electric actuators14 EL Electric actuators 15 Pneumatic actuators3 Special versions6 Pneumatic accessories7 BUS-communication, pneumatic actuators 9 Posiflex positioners10 Pneumatic actuators18 ELQ Electric actuators20 EL Electric actuators 21 >

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El-O-Matic develops and manufactures actuators for the automation of industrial valves. Ourproduct range includes pneumatic actuators, electric actuators and a wide range of control accessories, such as switch boxes for position indication, solenoid valves for control signalling and positioners for modulating control. Product development is based on modular construction that allows for fast delivery from stock components and easy upgrade to fully-fledged control units. All actuators can be provided with electronic controls for problem-free communication with field buses or other digital systems....

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We realise that the performance of our pneumatic actuators is vitallyimportant to your productionprocess. An actuator that does not function well often has seriousconsequences for the outcome ofthe process. That is why quality has been our primary concept in actuator development. El-O-Maticpneumatic actuators are reliable,quality products, continuously providing optimum performanceunder all circumstances. For application to ball, plug andbutterfly valves.Օ Can be used in other quarter-turn applications, such as dampers and pressure regulators. Actuators are made of highduty aluminium alloys, provid-...

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Limit stops Inserts > Limit stops are necessary where the precise adjustment of thevalves open position is required.These are standard on all actuators up to 1600 Nm. andoptional on the two larger sizes.Actuators with double stroke adjustment are also available for those applications on high performance butterfly valves(closed position). Actuator sizes up to 1600 Nm. are fitted with drive inserts. Thisenables actuators to be directlymounted onto suitable valves and eliminates the need for a bracketand coupling type mounting kit.The increasing use of direct mounts significantly cuts the cost of...

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valve automation systems >

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The basic actuator may be used to open and close the valve,but if more functionality is required then the actuators speci- fication can be extended by the addition of one or more of the available accessories. These can be used to make the actuator operate faster or slower or to provide position signalling feed- back to the controller or to provide positional control. These are just a small sample of the countless additional possibilities provided by El-O-Matic pneumatic accessories. The range is extensive and is being added to all the time. Position indication > HDN (left) and LDN switchboxes....

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Manual Override controlBreather BlockBlock & Vent valve Specifications of solenoid valve Speed Control plate > Type:5/2 - 3/2 (convertible)Օ Pressure:1 to 10 bar Lubrication:Not necessar Օ Temperature:-20 to +60C(depending on version)Е Voltage:220 V AC/50 Hz or24 V DC standard,other voltages onrequest Duty:ContinuousՕ Protection IP65, Explosionclass:proof on request This is used in combination with a NAMUR solenoid valve and servesto provide independent speedcontrol of both the opening and closing strokes. The speed controlplate can be used with both singleand double acting actuators, but when...

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The LDN switchbox is availablewith ASI (actuator sensor inter-face), the HD box with ASI andProfibus-DP or PA. All have basic functionality of two-way commu-nication, the fieldbus controllerreceiving input from the two posi- tion indicating switches (mechani- cally adjustable0-90), and anoutput to the solenoid valve(s)which may be to mono-stable or bi-stable. Bus wiring may be 2wire or 4 wire depending on thesystem. ASI application, weatherproof. ڕ Weatherproof housing IP65. LED indication of position, out-put and supply voltage.Օ Output for a single, mono-stable solenoid (24 V DC, 2.6 Wmax.)....

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G 1 and G2 gauge blocks General Type G1 is suitable for thePosiflex F10 and gives the actuatorՒs operating pressure and the incoming instrumentpressure. Type G2 is suitable for thePosiflex F20. It provides an indi- cation of the output and incom-ing air pressure. Օ Provides the ultimate in quickand accurate positioning. Suitable for single acting (springreturn) and double acting actuators.Օ High-grade aluminium alloyhousing finished with an epoxy coating. Direct and reverse acting.Օ Standard mounting to VDI/VDE3845 (NAMUR). Modular structure, thereforeeasy expansion possibilities.Օ Suitable for...

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Further product innovationsinclude the addition of driveinserts for easy mounting to awide variety of valve types and an exclusive universal power supplyconnection. Here most AC/DCand three phase supplies may be directly connected to the actua- tor. > Low power consumption. Saves power and cables, andtherefore costs. Օ 100% duty rating. Can be used for all applications, and protects against the motoroverheating. 100% torque over the entirestroke. > To cover all applications, even those valves with complex torque patterns. These are plug-in modules and can be pre-installed at the facto-ry, at distributor...

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Standardisation > The ELQ is produced in accor- dance with the quality standardISO 9001. The actuator is also incompliance with the following industry standards: Water and dust proof IP67(optionally IP68) to IEC 529 and NEMA 4 to ICS 6-110.15.Օ Explosion proof EEx d llb T4 toEN50014/EN50018 and NEMA7, 9 to ICS 6-110.24. Valve mounting to ISO 5211and DIN 3337 The ELQ is provided with an effi-cient, high-ratio reduction gearsystem. This provides the benefitsof low power consumption, low noise emission and minimumbacklash in the gear drive. All withan extremely light and compact unit. Application...

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Standards > The ELS, EL and ELD series areproduced in accordance with thequality standard ISO 9001. Theactuators, depending on model size, are also in compliance withthe following industry standards: ISO 5211, EN 55014Օ DIN 3337, EN 50082-2 EN 50014, EN 50018, EN 50093Օ EN 60204, EN 60529 Operating principle > All actuators in these series are totally self enclosed and havethermal switches in the motorwindings to prevent motors from overheating. Standardised con-nection flanges are used for sim-ple installation on all quarter turn valves, such as ball, plug and but- terfly valves. ELS actuators...

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