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Eberhard Hardware Catalogue

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table of contents section 1 > Passenger Restraint Latches section 2 > Slam Latches: Single Point, Rotaries, and Multi-Point section 3 > Dead Bolt Latches section 4 > Compression Latches section 5 > Draw Latches section 6 > Grab/Pull Handles section 7 > Handles section 8 > Cam Type Door Locks section 9 > Hinges section 10 > Tie Downs, Rope & Chain Fittings, Hold Backs section 11 > Counterbalances section 12 > Door Controls, Emergency Door Components section 13 > Miscellaneous section 14 > Power Locking Systems, Power Up Brand section 15 > Flange Gaskets cad drawings request indexquithelp > Visit Eberhard on the web: www.eberhard.com aboutabout search >

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EBERHARD Safety Notice: The products shown in Section 1 of our catalog are the only products designed by Eberhard to meet Federal Motor Safety Standard#206 (FMVSS 206) for passenger restraint systems. No other products shown in any other section of our catalog are recommendedfor passenger applications. No. 206-X R&L No. 206-15 The Eberhard Safety Slam Lock System is one of the highest quality, thinnest profile vehicle locks we manufacture. The lock measures only 3/4" in thickness.Meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 206 for personnel restraint applications. To comply with...

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EBERHARD Various 400 Series Actuator Options Note: Anti-rattle feature is standardwith all actuators.Other options available. Consult factory. No. 34T-400No. 33-400No. 29-400No. 27-400 No. 19-400 No. 9-400 No. 20-400 No. 9D-400 No. 400 No. 25-400 No. 14-400 No. D-400 No. 26T-400 No. 15-400 No. 8-400No. 8T-400 > page 5 size="-1">

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No.Similar to:Variations 400 R&LOne hole in actuator 1/4" dia.1-400 R&L400 R&LModified actuator with two 1/4" dia. holes1T-400 R&L1-400 R&LWith three 1/4"-20 UNC lock mounting spacers2-400 R&L400 R&LOne hole in actuator 17/64" dia. 3-400 R&L1-400 R&LModified actuator with one 17/64" dia. hole 8-400 R&L400 R&LModified actuator ֓L bend with two 1/4" dia. holes 9-400 R&L400 R&LDual actuators with two 1/4" dia. holes 11-400 R&L400 R&LOne 7/32" dia. hole in actuator 14-400 R&L400 R&LModified dual actuators for remote rod or thumb release 15-400 R&L9-400 R&LModified dual actuators offset lever...

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EBERHARD No. 9D-400-U R&L No.D-400-53Striker and Bracket Patented No. 9D 400-U R&L Right-Hand shown. Left-Hand opposite.Has independent duoactuators for remote operation from 2 points.Patented No.D-400 R&LDovetail Rotary Latch The unique wedge design improves door alignment whenslammed closed. This dovetail reduces door sag and assures better latch engagement.Օ Meets FMVSS 206 Standards for personnel restraint. To comply,application must meet same requirements as stated for No. 400. Two-stage latching. Օ Multi-point systems available. Numerous actuators are available for your specific need....

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EBERHARD No. 450 R&L No. 6-450 R&L No. 450 R&L No. 450 R&L Series rotary latches offer actuator position located below the striker entry level. Thislatch is ideally suited forthose installations where No. 400 series rotaries cannot be used due to lever arm actuator position.Meets FMVSS 206Standards for personnel restraint. To comply, the appropriate latch must be used in conjunction withEberhard striker assembly No. 2T-400-52, and .312 dia. grade 8 bolts for installation. Latch pawls have an Everlube finish for corrosion protection and lubricity; the outside housing is zinc-plated. Weight:...

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EBERHARD No. 1-475 R&L No. 1-475 R&L Low Profile Rotary LatchDual stage low profilerotary latch designed for thinner door applications. Rotarylatch complies with *FMVSS 206 strength require- ments. Additional features include: Everlube finish on internal latch pawls for corrosion protection and added lubricity; outer housing has a zinc with yellow dichro- mate finish. The lever arm can be remotely linked to an operating handle with rod or cable(adaptors see P/N 16619-15PK) for multi-point systems. Available in right or left hand. Available with 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes (Part No....

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EBERHARD No. 7-5690-50 Center case LESS the inside handle.Weight: 2.25 lbs. Finish: Zinc-plated with chrome handle No. 10-5690-X No. 3-5696-Z R&L No. 10-5690-X This heavy-duty sliding door lock has a firm spring action which latches the door securely; requires but a slightturn of the handle to release it and open the door. This ease of operation is due to the independent latches hinged from a shoulder pin in the center of the lock case. The double latches permit the lock to be used for right- or left-hand doors as well as for the two-fold purpose of holding the doorin both open and closed...

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The products shown in Section 1 ofour catalog are the No other products shown in anyother section of our catalog are recommended for passenger applications. only productsdesigned by Eberhard to meet Federal Motor Safety Standard #206 (FMVSS 206) for passenger restraint systems. > page 11 size="-2">

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EBERHARD No. 4000 No. 4400 No. 4000 Mini Paddle Latch Ideal for small access panels with minimal intrusion into the compartment area. Easy installation with single-screw and blind mount bracket.Maximum torque 10/lbs. for mounting. Available Finishes: Stainless Steel Ԗ Satin FinishStainless Steel Polished Finish Carbon Steel ֖ Black Powder Finish Carbon Steel Zinc Finish No. 4400-PKMini Paddle Latch Ideal for small access panels. Low profile design with generous hand clearance. Easy installation with blind mount bracket. Available Finishes: Stainless Steel ֖ Satin FinishCarbon Steel Black...

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EBERHARD No. 4859 Non-Key-Locking No. 4859 Mini Paddle Latch Non-locking latch designed for small access panels. Installation with mounting screws or rivets. No. 4860 Key-Locking with standard slide bolt No. 4860 Key-Locking Mini Paddle Latch Same as 4859 except equipped with a key-locking cylinder. For use where secure latching and locking is desired (one key furnished). Options:No. 5-4859 non-locking or 5-4860 key-locking hookbolt offset .38". No. 5-4861 same as 5-4860 but non-locking. No. 11-4859 P8 non-locking or 11-4860 P8 key-locking blind mount version. No. 6-4859 non-locking dead...

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