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EA Technology Instruments Catalogue - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

issueone technoiogy productcatalogue20io instruments -^^IMtraTBV ULocator ^^^^ www.eatechnology.com Innovators n Power Engineering

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who we are EA Technology Instruments is a specialist Business within the EA Technology Group, workingto meetthe needs of power asset managers around the world. t©ChHOIOjy Our mission is to produce leading edge, innovǢt) ve products, which add tangible commercial benefits to the businesses of our customers. instruments Our products are designed to improve the performance of assets by extending life, increasing throughput, maximising availability and reducing operating costs. We support ail the instruments we supply with: TRAINING-we are a member of the CPD Certification Service, running a wide...

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NEWProducts Locator NEW see page L 14 UltraTEV Monitor Ultrasonic Contact Probe rGIS1 imulator Direct Sales: +44 (0) 151 339 4181 www.eatechnology.com

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UltraTEV Detector" k&AWARD ^ WINNING - PD INSTRUMENT iniNn PRODUCT CODE: UT2 MU The world's first dual sensor handheld partial discharge dtection instrument is a global best seller which is in service from Houston to Hong Kong. Benefits ■ Highly effective in 'first pass' asset condition surveys. ■ Very low training requirement. ■ Essential personal safety device. * Low cost, high productivit. Features ■ Ultrasonic and TEV detectors in a single handheld unit. ■ Calibrated to detect critical PD activity instantly ■ One button op驩ration. ■ Light, portable and easily deployed. Note lAit mains-powered...

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accessories and options UltraTEV Calibration Checker j» Save time and money with this handy unit. 11 i nstant ly check s whet her you r U ItraTEV | D٩tecte rs are ٜrrectly calibrated- so they o nly need send ing to us for adj ustme nt when ^-^rJl necessary. The Calibratbn Checker itself * J onlyneedscalibratingafter12months. Function Checker i I n sta ntly checks w hether your " '-^^ UltraTEV D٩tecter is ٣ ^ ■ functbningcorrectly. PRODUCT CODE: UTCC t^^ PRODUCT CODE: UT2-FC UltraTEV Case_ Dedicated carry case for the UltraTEV D©tecter. Rubber Sleeve S. PRODUCT CODE: UT2- ODUCTCODE UT2RS Battery...

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ST LER UltraTEV Plus+ Multi-functional PD (Partial Discharge) investigator PRODUCTCODE:UTP1 AH the features of our award-winning UltraTEV Detectorٙ - plus a great deal more. Benefits ■ Measures accurate data on PD activity ■ Works with many diffrent types of assets. ■ Highly user friendly with little training required. ■ Low ownership cost - one instrument replaces several. ■ Excellent value and return on investment. Features ■ The core functionality of our UltraTEV Detector, UltraMetPlus+陙 and MiniTEV2 - ail in one hand-held instrument* ■ Detects and measures PD activity as numerical values for...

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accessories and options UltraDish Parabolic Waveform Concentrator The UltraDishٙ is idal for investigating PDactivity inoverhead assets or /^^^^^\ at a distance. Includes carrying case. ^/ Peltor Neckband Headset jy* Mdium att驩nut bn. low-profile Bf shellsfbreasyandcomfortable cHuse tcgether with other PPE devices.^^^ PonniirTr.nnFirTPi.iin^^^^M ^rj PRODUCTCODE UTP1-PH Battery Charger Mai ns battery charge r for the Flexible Sensor P lug- in flexi ble m crophone j^^^^^^. extensbnenablesyouto probe enclos ures a nd t ght s paces. ^\ Function Checker UltraTEV Plus+ AvailablefbrKitl. Kit 2 and Kit...

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UltraMet Plus+ Versatile ultrasonic PD mea sٻrement tool PRODUCT CODE: ump1 Ahighly sensitive ultrasonic listening device, which provides instant indications of lev!s of surface PD activity, intheform of dcibel readings AND audible sound. Be nef ifs ■ Gather and record detailed data on PD activity in multiple assets. ■ Measure changes in activity over time. ■ Identify need for further condition assessment or maintenance intervention. ■ UltraDish驙 option for even greater versatility. Features ■ Take multiple dcibel readings of PD activity. ■ Listen for PD activity over headphones. ■ Compare levels...

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accessories and options UltraDish Parabolic Waveform Concentr٢t or The UltraDish1" is idal for investgating 1 PDactfvrty in ove rhead as sets or tt^M-at a distance. 1 ncludes carrying case. Peltor Neckband Headset Mdium att驩nutbn, low-profile shellsfbreasyandcomfortable Jl K^^HW use together with other PPE devioes^^^^^(M PRODUCT CODE: UMP1-UD --J Battery Charger Mai ns battery charge r for the Flexible Sensor P lug- in flexi ble m crop hone j^^^^^^^. extensbn enables you to probe -j?^**⊙*^.^^^^^. encbsuresandtghtspaoes. "\ PRODUCT CODE: UMP1-BC / Function Checker Instant [y check s whetheryour...

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NEW UltraTEV Locator Portabl e PD (Partial Discharge) investigation System PRODUCT CODE: utl1 Benefits ■ Locating and measuring PD activity to identify faults BEFORE they lead to tailures. ■ Recording and analysing PD activity to provide valuable information on the a du al condition of assets. ■ More effective as set management, reliability, efficiency and safety, at lower cost. Features ■ Ability to pinpoint PD activity to within 60cm. ■ Ultrasonic and TEV sensors for surface and internai PD. ■ Factors in environmentai conditions: temp٩rature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity Measures...

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accessories and options UltraDish Parabolic Waveform Concentrator The UltraDishٙ is idal for investigating 4^ PDactivity inoverhead assets or at a distance. Includes carrying case. Carry case for main unit ard accessories. PRODUCT CODE: L^L1-UD PRODUCT CODE UTL1-ACAS Batte ry Charger Mai ns battery charge r for the Flexible Sensor P lug- in flexi ble m crophone j^^^^^^.. extension enablesyouto probe ^^^""''s^^^^銉L enclos ures a nd t ght s paces. 'L PRODUCT CODE: UTL1-BC PRODUCT CODE UTL1-FS RFCT Cfemp on current transformer for Cable PD. UltraTEV LocatorΙ Protective carry case for main unit. PRODUCT...

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UltraTEV Alarm The PD actٯvity early warning System product code: uta1 + utah Ultra' Alarm System Continuous monitoring of substation switchgear. Identifies faults and safety issues BEFORE they lead to failures. Benefits ■ Early warning of faults prevents failures. ■ Enables timely interventions when maintenance is required. ■ Warns personnel if switchgear is in a dangerous condition. ■ Excellent cost/benefit justification. Features ■ Effective continuous monitoring with both ultrasonic and TEV sensors. ■ Multi-node sensorunits can monitor 100+ assets simultaneously. ■ Simultaneously measures...

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